After 30 years in the classroom, beloved teacher Debbie Fronzak has retired from First Presbyterian Church of Marietta Weekday Preschool. Fronzak was honored at a retirement party, affectionately known as “Retooling and Redirecting,” on May 11 at her Acworth home. Former students and parents gathered to wish her well.

Fronzak, who taught 3-year-old preschool at FPC, also served as assistant director, movement instructor and librarian. Fronzak taught more than 300 three-year olds, including my son, George, during her tenure.

“Debbie Fronzak was an amazing preschool teacher. I am so blessed that both of my boys had her for 3-year-old preschool. She made learning so much fun for them. I can only imagine how many young lives she influenced and inspired,” said Kim Barfield, whose sons Whit and Ben were in Fronzak’s class.

Fronzak was born in Bristol, Connecticut, though she spent most of her youth in Findlay, Ohio, where she graduated from Findlay High School in 1971. She attended Principia College in Elsah, Illinois, and received BAs in History and Education in 1975. Her training experience left her unsure that she wanted to teach. Luckily for her students, she did not give up.

Fronzak married Matt Fronzak in January 1978 and moved to Atlanta in July 1978 for Matt’s job with Delta Airlines. The couple has two grown children, Danny and Rachel. In the 1980s, Fronzak took her children to the Children’s Movement Center in Marietta, where she first met another young mom, Nancy Denton, with whom she is best of friends. Denton, a surrogate mother to the Fronzak children, also retired this year as a teacher at FPC after 13 years.

Fronzak worked for the Children’s Movement Center in the mid- to late ’80s and helped bring that curriculum to some of the preschools in Marietta, including FPC in the 1988-89 school year. The following year, she accepted a job as co-teacher in Margaret Kelly’s 3-year-old class at FPC. Five years later, she became a lead teacher of 3 year olds at FPC. About 20 years ago, she began teaching piano, which she continues to do today.

Thank you, Debbie Fronzak, for inspiring and loving our children. You will be missed.

Sally Litchfield is a longtime Marietta resident. She has written for the MDJ since October 2000. Send Sally news at Call Sally at 404-713-7318.


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