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Members of the Flower Garden Club of Marietta, first row, from left: Marsha Edwards, Corresponding Secretary Jean Hartley, Penny Ludwig, Georgianne Nestor, Assistant Treasurer Linda Bozak, Treasurer Annie Bottema, President Judy Bodnar, Jo Robertson, Linda Pou, Bettie Sander, Charleen Race, and Diana Waldrop; second row, Parliamentarian Barbara George, Joyce Robertson, Recording Secretary Kay Hamilton, Carmen Mendoza, Penny Quinton, Cathy Sewell, Barbara Gaines, Carleen Tutwiler, Madeline Joy, Erin Etheridge and Dianne Jones. / Special

The Flower Garden Club of Marietta recently celebrated its 90th anniversary at the home of Cathy Sewell in The Overlook at the Marietta Country Club.

Refreshments included a lavish assortment of hors d’oeuvres, sweet treats and savories, in addition to a cake decorated with beautiful mauve flowers and greenery and the Flower Garden Club of Marietta 90th birthday logo. For beverages, a delicious strawberry punch and cocktails were the order of the day.

Flower Garden Club of Marietta 90 Years.jpg

The Flower Garden Club of Marietta recently celebrated its 90th anniversary at the home of Cathy Sewell in The Overlook at the Marietta Country Club. 

Beautiful china, crystal and floral arrangements adorned all of the guest tables, while the chairs were decorated with beautiful fabric and flowers. Larger floral arrangements were placed throughout other areas of the home. The house was overflowing with garden club members enjoying and celebrating this wonderful occasion of the club’s 90th anniversary.

Judy Bodnar, president of the Flower Garden Club of Marietta, recognized several longtime, hard-working members of the club and thanked them for their service over the years. A special thank you was extended to Cathy Sewell, who is also a member of the club, for organizing and preparing the tea at her home. Cathy was given two large crystal lotus candleholders from the club as a hostess gift.

Cathy treated the club by playing the piano at the close of the celebration. Cathy, a talented musician, studied music in college and is a concert pianist and also teaches piano.

Judy presented a short history of the club saying 20 women from Marietta organized the club in 1928, and dues were set at $2 for each member. The club has had 45 presidents to date. There are 35 club members at present, and the club has helped start several other garden clubs such as Anne Hathaway, Cherokee Rose, Four Seasons as well as several others. Members promote the love of gardening, native trees, wildflowers, birds and butterflies, and encourage civic planting and civic beauty. Environmental, educational and charitable efforts are also supported by various means such as monetary donations, scholarships, and work by the club members. The Garden Club of Georgia also recently celebrated its 90th anniversary, so The Flower Garden Club of Marietta is certainly one of the oldest garden clubs in Georgia if not the oldest.

The Flower Garden Club of Marietta holds a fundraiser once a year in April. It has typically features a flower show with different topics of interest and a well known speaker from the area, along with a bake sale featuring all items made from scratch by members of the club. Money from the fundraiser went to such projects as placing or restoring Blue Star Markers, Smith Gilbert Gardens, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Cherokee Garden Library, Historic Preservation and National Disaster Support, just to name a few.

The club has supported the Marietta Educational Garden Center on Kennesaw Avenue through donations such as $2,000 to restore a brick wall by a garden area, $1,000 to restore a 1850’s chandelier and purchase a new area rug, a donation of iris for a new iris bed and $500 toward the renovation of a new kitchen. Green Meadows Preserve Park in West Cobb has been of special interest to the club for over four years. The club donated a Dogwood Tree to help feed the blue birds, two birdbaths, two butterfly houses and one Blue Birdhouse.

The club has been involved in numerous other projects through donations or volunteer hours.

Sally Litchfield is a longtime Marietta resident. She has written for the MDJ since October 2000. Send Sally news at Call Sally at 404-713-7318.


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