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Lily Buehler, a rising junior at Mount Paran Christian School, has a love for baking. From pies to cookies and cakes, Buehler keeps evening dinners — as well as the holidays — a sweet time for her family.

In an age of already-prepared meals and desserts, 16-year-old Lily Buehler keeps the art of baking alive. The Powder Springs resident has a passion for baking.

“I pretty much bake anything,” said Buehler, a rising junior at Mount Paran Christian School whose favorite subject is history.

Buehler said not many people her age enjoy the kitchen but for her, it’s a place for creativity. “I’m surprised how many of my friends don’t do much in the kitchen. For me, it’s an art,” she said.

Buehler started baking at an early age. “Ever since I was little, I would go over to my grandma’s house. My grandma and great-grandmother, we would just spend the day baking anything, really,” Buehler said. She is the daughter of Shea and Matt Buehler and has two siblings, Anna, age 21, and Suzy, age 17, also a student at MPCS.

Buehler continued baking through the years. “I would always do it for fun when I was bored. I would bake cupcakes or something,” she said.

Macaroons are one of Buehler’s favorite things to bake. “I started baking macaroons and that’s kind of a specialty. I’ve just always seen them and thought they were really cute. I like cookies, too. Pretty much any cookie but I especially like peanut butter,” Buehler said.

Lily Buehler 2

A slice of Buehler’s Peanut Butter Cream Pie. She enjoys the precise art form of cooking.

Buehler even baked pies for a local business at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

According to Buehler, following directions is an important factor in baking and she enjoys the precise form of cooking.

“(Baking) is simple. You can always expect what the turnout is going to be. You have a certain amount of ingredients and certain ingredients and the outcome will almost always be what you want it to be,” she said.

“I’ve thought about (pursuing a career as a chef), but I think I’m going to head towards education,” said Buehler, who acknowledged that she could use the skill as a teaching tool. “I mostly just bake for friends and family and just bring it along.”


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