Kennesaw resident Andrew J. Bramlett believes in community. The 13-year-old uses his passion for history and where he lives to give back.

“Most of the activities I am involved with are connected to local history. These allow me to share and preserve the history of the area. I also do some work that is not connected to local history because it still allows me to give back to my community,” said Andrew, who is a homeschooled rising eighth grader.

Among his many volunteer positions, Andrew serves as vice president of the Kennesaw Historical Society, an honorary member of the Kennesaw Cemetery Preservation Commission and tour guide at Kennesaw Mountain.

“I have enjoyed hiking at Kennesaw Mountain since I could walk. My dad, brother and I try to go there several times a week. Some of the volunteer work in the Kennesaw City Cemetery, Kennesaw Mountain, and the Kennesaw Parks and Recreation Department allow me to both enjoy being outside and volunteer at the same time,” Andrew said. He is the son of Beth and Lewis Bramlett. He has one brother, Daniel, age 11.

Volunteer work betters the community. “(Volunteer activities) allow me to make the community an even better place to live, whether it is through giving presentations, preserving local history or helping out wherever I am needed,” Andrew noted.

Volunteering provides an educational opportunity. “(Volunteer activities) also allow me to see what is going on in the area first-hand,” he continued. “This way I can stay up to date on events, local businesses, and anything else in the community.”

Volunteering is a chance to connect. “I enjoy not only helping the community, but also making connections with people that are like minded. I have met a lot of like-minded people who care about the community and work to improve it,” Andrew said.

“(Volunteering) is important because it allows you to help better the area and to improve the quality of life. Any way anyone can help is improving the area one small bit at a time,” said Andrew, adding that when he grows up he might be a historian, architect or lawyer.

“I would also like to run for mayor someday,” Andrew said. Learn more about Andrew’s volunteering and local involvement at


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