Adjust your attitude.

Complaining about everything will drain the energy and joy out of you and everyone around you. Start to see the positive in situations and see how your mood will shift. Send out positive vibes and they will come back to you. Work on positive, mental strength. Construct positive thoughts about what will happen in your life. Things might not always go smoothly, but you can choose the attitude you use to deal with it. I always tell my children that a good or bad day is their choice. When I first started telling my family that positive thoughts have power, they thought I was crazy. We would pull into a crowded restaurant parking lot, and they would say, “Oh man, it’s going to be a long wait.” I would say, “Oh, no, we are going to get right in.” The first few times they laughed at me until it worked every time, now, they try to beat me to the positive thought.

Throw out the trash in your life.

What is holding you back? Are you making excuses instead of taking action? Is fear paralyzing you? What are your relationships like? Remove the toxic elements and bring in those things that are going to fill you up and make you better. Take inventory of what needs to go and what you would like to have more of.

Create strong communities for yourself.

Good friends are hard to find, so when you do, work hard to keep them. Work on building good relationships. Identify your communities. They could be people from work, church, friends, family, or members of other groups. Quality not quantity is what costs. Make an effort to strengthen the relationships that matter.

Spread love and kindness and it will come back.

I truly believe that what you send out comes back to you. We need love and kindness right now so actively look for moments when you can do acts of kindness. It’s easier than you think, and it is contagious because it feels so good to do. My daughter and I were at McDonald’s for breakfast. I had just paid when I noticed the couple behind me were having trouble finding the money to pay. I leaned over and swiped my debit card for their meal. They said, “Thank You.” As I was sitting with my daughter, the man came over and said that his wife had been sick and today was her first day out in a while. He handed me three blessing stones that he gives people when he talks to them about Jesus. My daughter and I carry them wherever we go.

Believe anything is possible.

I have a sign in my office that says, “Always believe a great adventure is right around the corner.” We are sometimes our biggest critics and the greatest impediment to our success. Let’s have more of a why not mentality and at least give things a try. We should do our best to make it to the end of our life without being able to say, “I wish I had done this or that.” Believe you can and then prove you are right.

Jennifer Bonn is a freelance writer and Kennesaw resident. She has been published in several magazines, and has published a book titled “Stay Away from the Girl’s Bathroom, A Teacher’s Guide.” It is available from Deeds Publishing at


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