It’s the most wonderful time of the year. You can see it. You can hear it. You can smell it. You can taste it. Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Over Georgia opens Nov. 24 through Jan. 5 on select days. GO!

“Holiday in the Park is back in 2019 with more than 1 million glittering lights. We’ve got new shows. There’s new food to try,” said Divina Mims, Communications Manager with Six Flags Over Georgia.

Take your holiday spirit to new heights with all new Pandemonium, the tallest swinging pendulum ride in the southeast, in the ScreamPunk area. “You get to experience Pandemonium in all of its glory overlooking thousands of people and lights as the ride glides you way over Georgia,” Mims said.

The ScreamPunk District, Six Flags’ take on the popular SteamPunk genre, is decorated as well. “This year we have decorated it and created a snowflake escape. An enchanting, merry, magical snow streak path. There are metal Christmas trees. It’s just incredible,” Mims said.

The new show for 2019 is Step Into Christmas featured at the Crystal Pistol. “This brand new musical, Christmas review looks back at some of our favorite holiday traditions. It’s set to your favorite Christmas songs. It’s an all new opportunity for folks to come and see how we celebrate Christmas at Six Flags,” Mims said.

There is even new food at Holiday in the Park like mint funnel cakes and fried cheesecake. “Funnel cakes are a theme park staple but we always take it up another level. This year for Christmastime, you can try mint funnel cakes. We also have fried cheesecakes. We’ve got a peach cranberry and strawberry fried cheesecake. Cheesecake is already delicious so why not fry it? It’s going to be a delicious time of year,” Mims said.

Holiday in the Park offers one-of-a-kind Christmas entertainment. “No other place can you come with your family — roast s’mores, take in a holiday show, see beautiful lights and ride those roller coasters at night during the holiday time. It’s just a very special thing that we do. You can’t find it anywhere else in the state. We’re very proud of that,” Mims said.

In its 6th year, Holiday in the Park continues to get better each year. “We have put in so many creative and innovative opportunities for people to make Christmas their own. We have so many amazing opportunities for people to try new things with their families, create those family memories with Santa Claus here. It’s all about family this time of year. The Six Flags family puts on a great show. We look forward to inviting everybody out and experiencing it,” Mims said.

“You feel it in the air. You smell it. It really feels like the holidays. That means family. That means memories. That means fun,” Mims said.

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Sally Litchfield is a longtime Marietta resident. She has written for the MDJ since October 2000. Send Sally news at Call Sally at 404-713-7318.


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