Police, firefighters and other first responders have a new place to take a load off thanks to one local church.

Christ Episcopal Church in Kennesaw is launching its new St. Michael Law Enforcement Chapel on Sunday.

It’s a quiet room with comfy furniture and a fully stocked fridge that is open day and night. The idea is to give officers a place to relax when they’re on break or a workspace while out on job.

“It’s open 24 hours a day, and any police officer or first responder can come here at any time,” said Stephanie Lee, a church greeter who was part of the group that set the chapel up. “There’s a code to get into the building, and they can have snacks, if they need to do some paperwork, if they need to do something on the computer, we can take care of that, coffee, water, Gatorade, cookies, just whatever.”

Father Ben Day, who is also chaplain at the Kennesaw Police Department, said it’s about saying thanks to the people who keep the community safe.

“This really started organically out of the fact that I rode with local law enforcement officers from a couple of different agencies, primarily Kennesaw Police, and I realized that being a police officer in this day and age can be challenging in ways that most people don’t understand,” he said. “One of the most practical of that is clean restrooms. Where can officers use the restroom where they won’t be harassed or interfered with, and how do we provide that? I thought, I’ve got a clean restroom 24 hours a day seven days a week.”

From there, Day worked with parishioners to expand the idea to include the chapel. The room has been up and running for a few months, but Sunday at noon will mark the official ribbon cutting and dedication with a blessing.

Day said a few officers have already stopped by and given the facilities top marks.

Christ Episcopal Church is located at 1210 Wooten Lake Road NW near the Wade Green exit off Interstate 75. First responders of all faiths are welcome to make themselves at home in the new chapel.


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