If you’re like most sports fans in Atlanta, you’re watching the Atlanta Braves with bated breath as the team marches its way toward the World Series.

But you’re also probably wondering why Braves outfielder Joc Pederson has been wearing a string of pearls during recent games, and there may not be a solid answer for you.

Pederson has given a few different answers, none of them an origin story. But he’s also said he just likes how they look.

No matter the reason, the trend has caught on in Braves Country. The Braves organization has begun selling strands of fake pearls among its official merchandise, and many fans can be found in the stands embracing the fashion statement.

Meanwhile, Mark and Rhonda Jacobson, owners of Cumberland Diamond Exchange not far from Truist Park, are getting in on the fun, offering 30% savings on pearl strands “till the Braves win the World Series.”

Mark Jacobson said they’ve seen sales of pearl strands shoot up, and the customer base is not what you might expect.

“Manly men who you’d never think … would wear pearls are putting a string around their necks and just having fun with it,” he said. “Now we can get away with it.”

Mark Jacobson said the first man Cumberland Diamond sold a pearl strand to during the trend was Travis Ellis, vice president of Marietta-based Mobilized Fuels Inc. Ellis shared photos of himself wearing his new pearls at a recent Braves game.

But what happens if or when the trend runs its course?

Well, not to worry, say the Jacobsons, the men who bought pearls for themselves will have a fitting gift for their significant others, and the many women buying pearl strands for their boyfriends or husbands may really be picking out their own future gifts.

“It’s just creating a buzz. I think everybody’s having fun,” Mark Jacobson said. “As long as they’re winning, I think the pearl buzz will remain. … The expression we’re using is, ‘Real men wear real pearls.’”

“It takes a man who is confident, strong and a little gregarious to wear a strand of pearls, but I like it,” added Rhonda Jacobson.

And yes, Pederson says his pearls are the real thing.

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