A private cellphone sale turned into an armed robbery at an apartment complex in Marietta, police say, when the buyer turned a gun on the seller and fled with two iPhones he didn’t pay for.

Tenarius Demond Kendrick, 17, of Atlanta, was arrested a short distance from the apartment complex on Oct. 31 after robbing the victim of the two cellphones at gunpoint using a stolen Glock pistol, police say.

Kendrick, a resident of the Sweet Auburn neighborhood in downtown Atlanta, met the victim at the apartments on Bentley Road, off Delk Road near Interstate 75 in southeast Marietta, intending to buy a silver iPhone X and a gold iPhone 11, each worth around $500, his arrest warrant states.

When Kendrick arrived at the apartments, just after 5 p.m. on Oct. 30, he stayed in the driver’s seat of his car while the victim, standing outside the vehicle, handed the two phones through the window so Kendrick could look at them, police said.

“Said accused then produced a black Glock 23 and pointed it at said victim,” Kendrick’s arrest warrant states. “Said victim bent over in an effort to avoid the pistol. Said accused then accelerated his vehicle and left the property without giving said victim any form of payment and with the two iPhones still in his possession.”

According to jail records, Kendrick was arrested by Marietta police a day later, around 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 31, on Windy Hill Road about two miles from where police said the armed robbery occurred.

Kendrick is charged with felony armed robbery and misdemeanor theft by receiving stolen property, records show.

He also faces a single felony charge of possessing a pistol or revolver while under the age of 18, as a second or subsequent offense, his jail record states.

Kendrick remains in custody at the Cobb County jail without bond.

Police said Kendrick had the handgun on him when they arrested him, and that the gun had been reported stolen in Atlanta.


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Mike Nelson

Bentley and delk road! It has been and continues to be a crime ridden area. The apts need to be bought and torn down. Just like the franklin rd. Apts. Don’t Ever meet someone in an apt complex for a transaction like that.

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