Faucet for Boil Water advistory

MARIETTA — A boil water advisory for some Cobb County Water System customers is set to remain until at least 8 a.m. Wednesday while crews continue to test water samples, the county announced Tuesday afternoon.

The boil water advisory area has been defined by the county as Cobb County Water System customers in the area south of Macland and Windy Hill roads. People in neighborhoods around Smyrna, Mableton, and Austell who experienced a loss of water or low water pressure Tuesday were asked to boil their water as work on the water system continues. County spokesperson Ross Cavitt first announced the boil water advisory during Cobb commissioners’ 9 a.m. meeting Tuesday.

Those in the affected area are advised to boil all water used in the preparation of food and beverage for consumption for two minutes.

Though the advisory is a measure issued by the county during the potential for compromised water quality, Cobb Water officials believe the system never completely lost pressure and there should be no issues, county spokesperson Ross Cavitt said. Nevertheless, the order was issued under an abundance of caution.

The order was heeded by officials at The Battery Atlanta and SunTrust Park as the Atlanta Braves continue a 10-game homestand, hosting the Pittsburgh Pirates in Tuesday’s second game of a four-game series.

Food and beverage operations for Tuesday’s game, however, were not expected to be affected, said Beth Marshall, spokesperson for the Braves.

“After receiving word of the water advisory, we have taken all necessary precautions for our fans’ safety. We have turned off water fountains, ice machines and fountains throughout the ballpark and The Battery Atlanta and have notified all tenants as well,” Marshall told the MDJ.

The county first reported water outages just before 8 a.m. Tuesday, announcing the Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority had identified a significant line break on Maner Road in Smyrna. The CCMWA supplies water to the Cobb County Water Department. CCMWA crews isolated the stretch of line between 6:30 and 7 a.m. and began repairs at the intersection of Maner Road and Plant Atkinson Road.

Though normal pressure was restored, however, the ripple effect into the Cobb County system caused the loss of water pressure downstream in the system, Cavitt said.

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alan scott

I'm glad that the city is taking this situation seriously. It's better to be on the side of safety rather than the fear of inducing panic. I think back to the recent ground beef scare. I think they downplayed at 1st when they stated there was no need to throw out your burger purchased only to turn around a day or two later and recommending everyone to throw it out and/or return it. People need to use their heads. If they say anything, don't risk it.

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