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Step 1:

Get to Cumberland Transfer Center

to catch the new Circulator bus.


From Marietta

Riders can take any of three bus routes from Marietta Transfer Center to Cumberland Transfer Center: CobbLinc Route 10, Route 20 and Route 50.


From Kennesaw

♦ Commuters will transfer twice to reach the ballpark. Take Route 40 from Kennesaw State University to the Marietta Transfer Center and transfer to either the 10, 20 or 50 to get the Cumberland Transfer Center.

♦ Riders may also get on at Town Center and ride Route 45 to the Marietta Transfer Center, then transfer to either the 10, 20 or 50 to get to the Cumberland Transfer Center.


From Atlanta

Commuters have options to get to the Cumberland Transfer Center from different parts of Atlanta.

♦ CobbLinc Route 10 runs from MARTA Arts Center Station to Cumberland

♦ CobbLinc Route 25 from MARTA H.E. Holmes Station to Cumberland

♦ MARTA Route 12 from Midtown station to Cumberland

(CobbLinc does not run Sundays.)


Step 2:

Getting to the ballpark from Cumberland Transfer Center

Once riders get to the Cumberland Transfer Center behind Cumberland Mall, they can hop on the Circulator Blue (clockwise around Cumberland) or the Circulator Green (counterclockwise around Cumberland) to get to SunTrust Park or The Battery Atlanta. 

The SunTrust Park bus stop is at the corner of Circle 75 and Windy Ridge parkways just in front of the stadium across from the Boy Scouts building.

The Battery Atlanta bus stop is at Heritage Ct. SE and Battery Avenue SE toward Cobb Parkway.


Want to walk from the bus to the park?

Riders on Route 10 can get off on Cobb Parkway just after Hargrove Road to have a 0.7-mile walk to the stadium.

Riders on Route 25 can stop at Spring Road and Sports Avenue and then walk 0.8 miles to the ballpark.


How much does it cost and when does it run?

An adult one-way fare is $2.50, with youths under 18 paying $1.50 and senior citizens 65 and older $1. Riders can pay with Breeze Cards, CobbLinc magnetic passes or exact cash.

Hours for CobbLinc vary by routes, with some starting as early as 5 a.m. and running until after midnight. Schedules for routes are different on Saturdays than on weekdays. CobbLinc does not offer Sunday service.


Need to transfer?

Riders can transfer at no cost. A Breeze card is required for the free transfer between CobbLinc and MARTA; the transfer will automatically load on the Breeze Card. If customer does not have a Breeze Card, they will have to pay the applicable fare to board and another fare when transferring.

If transferring within CobbLinc, Breeze Card users will have their transfer automatically load and be available. If using a magnetic ticket and/or cash, a customer must request a transfer from the operator. The fare box will issue the transfer.

Transfers are valid for three hours from start of trip and in same direction of travel. Transfers are not valid for round trips.


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