Marietta-based Elliott Homes has revealed details for the Cottages at Keeler Woods, its planned neighborhood off Polk Street in Marietta.

The subdivision, which would include 27 detached, single-family homes on 6.6 acres off Polk Street between Mountain View and Burnt Hickory roads, is less dense than previous plans for the spot.

Earlier this year, a different developer, InLine Communities LLC, proposed building 57 homes at that location. InLine brought the number down to 46, then again to 37 following outcry from neighbors, but ultimately withdrew its rezoning plans in June.

On Tuesday, attorneys for Elliott Homes filed a letter with Marietta’s development services department containing a list of stipulations the home builder is amenable to for the site.

The list confirms the number of homes and commits to building each home with three bedrooms and a minimum area of 2,200 square feet. In addition, the style of the homes will match that of other nearby Elliott Homes neighborhoods such as Keeler Woods and Anderson Farm. The homes will be constructed of materials including brick and stacked stone, and each lot will include two-car garage with decorative carriage style doors and 20-foot driveways wide enough to hold two more vehicles.

The homebuilders also agreed to the construction of a deceleration lane on the western side of Mountain View Road and that the property will be developed using the existing topography and the land will not be mass graded or clear-cut.

Attorneys with the law firm Sams, Larkin & Huff said in their application letter the homebuilders created the plans after holding meetings with city staff and members of the public.

“In all respects, Elliott Homes’ proposal is appropriate from a land use planning perspective; is consistent with staff’s projected and previously issued recommendations and analysis; has addressed and resolved previous issues articulated by members of the public and representatives of surrounding developments; and will set a positive precedent for future development and redevelopment along Polk Street, Mountain View Road and Burnt Hickory Road,” the attorneys wrote.

Councilman Johnny Walker, whose ward includes the area in question, said he feels better about this project than the earlier ones.

“I met with the developer and I thought he had done a good job with the plan,” he said. “I think the amount of houses is OK. I’m not going to make my decision until I get a chance to talk to everybody, but it’s much better than it was previously, and I think it could be a good addition to that area.”

The application is scheduled to be heard by the city’s Planning Commission on Dec. 3 and the full City Council on Dec. 11.

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Mike Nelson

It’s so funny how the good ole boys all stick together to get their plans approved. Elliott has been with the agents and the council for years. Traffic was a major problem on the first application now it’s not. Have all the homeowners been contacted that this backs up to and what type of buffer will be put to protect their privacy. Some answers needed.

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