Cobb County Adult Detention Center

Cobb County Adult Detention Center 

Cobb County’s half-empty detention center is housing about 100 detainees on behalf of the Fulton County jail, according to a spokesperson for the Cobb Sheriff’s Office.

The detainees were transferred to the Cobb County Adult Detention Center last week, according to Sgt. Jeremy Blake, the office’s spokesperson. Fulton is paying the Cobb Sheriff’s Office $80 per day, per inmate.

“A top priority for me is ensuring humane conditions for persons in our care and control,” Fulton Sheriff Patrick Labat said in a statement this week, adding the move was “a huge step in getting our detainees off the floor.”

This spring, the two first-term sheriffs reached a deal to house up to 500 Fulton inmates at the Cobb jail to alleviate overcrowding at Fulton’s jail.

Those currently housed at the Cobb jail “have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and are classified as nonviolent offenders,” Labat said.

The Cobb jail can house up to 3,200 inmates. As of Thursday, the jail’s population stood at roughly 1,450 inmates, according to Blake.


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gee whiz

Somebody, anybody, said “A top priority for me is ensuring humane conditions for persons in our care and control,” so he transferred folks from his overcrowded custody to Cobb County. What a difference actually having a sheriff on the job has made for Cobb County. Looks an awful lot to me as though Florida Man Neil Warren should probably be repaying us his final periods of salary he, if reports here on MDJ are correct, reportedly paid for being the Cobb County Sheriff, but received in his effective retirement in Florida. Is that true? MDJ reported it. The jail of 7x the inmate death rate that it used to have has been turned around entirely is less than a year. By appearances, seems to me like nobody at all was being our sheriff while ole' Neil was collecting a paycheck for being our sheriff.

Anne Pritchett

Agree 100%!! I don't think I have ever been more proud of a vote I cast than the one for Craig Owens. Neil Warren should've been out a long time ago, but better late than never. And, the right man for the job is in office now.

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