ATLANTA — A top official in the Georgia secretary of state’s office pleaded Monday for voters worried about fraud during the Nov. 3 election not to stay home from Tuesday’s U.S. Senate runoffs.

Calling it “Anti-Disinformation Monday,” Gabriel Sterling, the state’s elections system manager, went through allegation after allegation lodged by President Donald Trump and his Republican allies surrounding the election and dismissed charges that President-elect Joe Biden stole Georgia’s 16 electoral votes from Trump in carrying the Peach State.

The president’s campaign to get the election results overturned reached a crescendo during the weekend when Trump spent an hour in a recorded phone conversation pressuring Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, also a Republican, to “find” enough votes to overturn the Georgia results. Biden carried the state by 11,779 votes.

Sterling assured voters concerned about the fraud allegations stemming from the November election that Tuesday’s runoffs will yield legitimate results.

“Everybody’s vote is going to count. Everybody’s vote counted,” he told reporters during a news conference at the state Capitol. “If you care about the values and directions of the nation you want to see, it is your obligation to turn out and vote tomorrow, be you Democrat or Republican.”

Georgia voters will head to the polls on Tuesday to elect both of the state’s senators, with Republican incumbents David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler defending their seats against Democratic challengers Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock.

With control of the Senate at stake, interest has been unprecedented for a Georgia runoff election. More than three million voters already have cast their ballots early via absentee ballots or by in-person early voting, setting a record for a runoff in Georgia even before Election Day arrives, Sterling said.

Voter interest has been stirred up by a withering barrage of advertising by the four campaigns and allied groups.

“I’m sure Georgians are tired of TV ads, text messages, voice-mails and mail,” Sterling said. “It’s all going to end very soon, hopefully.”

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(14) comments

Howard Peterson

“Everybody’s vote is going to count. Everybody’s vote counted.” A quote from above by Gabriel Sterling. Can somebody who leads the Republican Party in Georgia simply add the word "LEGAL"? Sterling's quote should have been "Everybody's LEGAL vote is going to count." "Everybody's LEGAL vote counted". The Georgians that you are trying to fool are FAR MORE SMARTER than that!!

Howard Peterson

Hey MDJ. Why did you remove the story about Raffensperger responding to the Trump phone call. I am SICK & TIRED of censorship and I NEVER thought it would happen from my local newspaper. You need to ask yourselves just how monetary support you are getting from the Democrat Party if Cobb County is turning blue like we have to read all the time. If the support is there after your findings then you can exist just fine without Republican subscribers. Wake Up MDJ!

Howard Peterson

The missing story about the phone call between Raffensperger & Trump has mysteriously shown up! It was a brand new story & I can't for the life of me understand why the MDJ made it disappear. The employee in charge of the "delete button" needs to answer some questions.

Howard Peterson

I give up. The story is missing once again. I guess the MDJ just doesn't know what it's doing or how to manage their news website.....

Megan Brasington

is that what election fraud is called now? flap?

Annette Verhoff

How can anybody ignore the "flap" when two of its chief proponents, Karen "Kelly" Lofflearjet and SloMo PerDueDueDooDooDoWhatever are on the ballot? Only we Georgians can send them on their private jets back to the place they came from, which is presumably Trump's Island of Gold Plated Misfit Toys Brought To You By Donald J Trump. ---Christopher Davis Marietta GA

Howard Peterson

3 questions & I don't care who answers them, Brad Raffensperger, Brian Kemp or Joe Biden are all fair game to answer me. I'll even settle for John Doe from Smyrna!


1. Who leaked the telephone call to Raffensperger from Trump ? (SPECIAL Thanks to Allie Bradford!)

2. What was going on the with suitcases taken from under the tables downtown on election night and then again, IN THE MIDDLE OF NIGHT WHEN NO ONE ELSE WAS AROUND THE PREMISES? WHAT WAS IN THEM & WHAT WAS DONE WITH THE CONTENTS?

3. Has Fulton County shredded any ballots which is 100% ILLEGAL?

I'm waiting...............

Annette Verhoff

This news story here on MDJ is literally about SOS Guy Mr Sperling's Monday presser that literally answered the elections question you say you want answer for. Why don't you watch the presser on the YouTube and have your questions answered? Regarding the leak of when The Donald called down to Georgia looking for some votes to steal, why would you say that shouldn't that have been leaked? Why does Perdue say recording the conversation is "disgusting" while failing to say that what Trump was trying, but failing, to do is disgusting? Perdue is revealing how out of touch he really is. Every conversation is recorded these days, and everybody knows it! Trump knew it would be recorded. He also knew Raffensperger wasn't going to do it. Imo, that call was made and released by the Trump side entirely to FTFR ... Fan the Trumpist Flames of Resentment. --Christopher Davis Marietta GA

Howard Peterson

Christopher, The story was leaked to try to prove Trump did something illegal so he can be impeached one more time which would lead to his inability to be re-elected in 2024. By the way the only answer about shredding ballots in Fulton County was that "they were just cleaning house". Yes, the house needs cleaning and they all should be fired yesterday!

Annette Verhoff

They were unused paper ballots printed as backups in case they didn't have trained poll workers for the machines due to Covid. They were not needed, therefore they were shredded so as to prevent fraud. You'd prefer they just toss 'em in a dumpster? Like with medical records? Lol. And nobody is impeaching Trump. He'll be OOO so soon there's no time to even do that. And unless McConnell loses his majorityship, it would just go nowhere once again despite the availability of whole call, although it was leaked, it will also be available as public record. A totally valid question is whether Trump be prosecuted by Georgia' Attorney General? I doubt it, but that remains to be seen! --Christopher Davis

Annette Verhoff

Ga SOS guy Mr Sperling answered those questions yesterday as he answers those questions every Monday. You can find him on the YouTube answering your questions. He also referenced where you can watch the entire video, the WHOLE DAY, of "the suitcases". Actually he did not say who leaked the phone call, but whoever did leak it, there's a true, legit USA patriot! --Christopher Davis, Marietta GA

Howard Peterson



Annette Verhoff

It's true, I watched Mr Sperling's presser yesterday. He is clearly getting aggravated about having to debunk and disprove the same silly conspiracy theories over and over and over, especially when Georgia's side of it is 100% available for everybody to see at while evidence for Trump's side of the story? It does not even exist! There's nothing but "whatabouts" .. Simple conjecture over details of a complicated process, conjected to those who are ignorant of the details of said process, spun to look like evildoing even though it's all very routine, rote, boring, and dull beyond words, which is why most people are happily ignorant of the details for how elections are carried out.

Howard Peterson

Annette or Christopher, Bull-oney! Sperling just carries Raffensperger's gym bag & will say whatever he is told to say. Typical Democrat RINO! The only good news is that Kemp & Raffensperger will be unemployed in 2022!

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