A couple of gang members forced two women to perform sex acts in a Marietta Motel 6 room while waiting for a man, whom they beat and robbed at gunpoint, police say.

According to Marietta police officers, Boyce Ahmad Newsome, 27, and Dejaun Davelle Morris, 22, are members of the Grape Street Crips, a subgroup of the Crips gang that originated in Los Angeles.

Police said Newsome and Morris, listed by Cobb authorities as living in Gwinnett County, went to the Motel 6 on Delk Road at the Interstate 75 exit in southwest Marietta around 4 a.m. on Feb. 2 to commit a robbery.

The two gang members went to a motel room where they found two women, neither of which had any money, police said.

While waiting for a man to arrive at the room, Newsome and Morris forced the women to perform sex acts on them, threatening them with two semi-automatic rifles, their arrest warrants state.

When the man turned up at the motel room, he was struck several times in the face and robbed of his wallet, $300 cash and his clothing, police said.

Newsome and Morris both told police they were members of the Grape Street Crips, warrants state.

Police said Newsome told officers he joined the gang as a 9- or 10-year-old child in New Jersey. Morris said he joined the gang in August 2019 in Decatur and paid his “OG” (original gangster, a term among gang members for senior members) $250 a month as a drug dealer for the gang, his warrant states.

“GSC (Grape Street Crips) participates in a wide variety of crimes like most gangs in the metro Atlanta area,” Marietta police said. “GSC members are known for committing drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder, burglary, weapons violations and a multitude of heinous criminal acts in Cobb County and in metro Atlanta.”

Both Newsome and Morris were arrested and booked into the Cobb jail without bond just before 11 a.m. on Feb. 2, records show.

Newsome has a previous conviction in Gwinnett County for aggravated assault, his Cobb arrest warrant states. He is charged in the Motel 6 case with two felony counts of false imprisonment, two felony counts of aggravated sodomy, and single felony counts of criminal street gang activity, armed robbery, and possessing a gun as a convicted felon.

Morris is also charged with seven felonies, his case files show. He faces two counts each of aggravated sodomy and false imprisonment as well as single counts of possessing a gun as a felon, armed robbery and possessing a gun during a crime.

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It’s not true the arrival is lie

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