Prosecutors are moving forward with their case against a former Cobb teacher charged with repeatedly sexually assaulting one of his students at the high school.

Spencer Herron, a video production instructor who was named Kell High’s 2016 Teacher of the Year, was recently indicted on five counts of sexual assault, court records show.

Investigators say Herron’s relationship with the teenager spanned multiple school years starting when she was 16. Court records show the alleged sex acts took place on the Kell High School campus against the student’s wishes.

The 49-year-old was arrested June 1 at his Acworth home and has been behind bars ever since on a $55,220 bond, Cobb County jail records show.

Police said officers collected evidence from Herron’s home at the time of his arrest, but he refused to answer investigators’ questions about what transpired.

According to warrants, the student told police the encounters dates back to May 2016 when she met with the broadcast teacher “several times over the summer under the pretense of meeting for a non-existent school club meeting.”

The student told investigators her former teacher would text her when he was going to be at the school, and that he touched her inappropriately over several meetings that summer and into the fall semester.

According to the student, Herron raped her on multiple occasions between January and May of 2017.

The teen told police the former teacher compelled her to perform sex acts inside the high school throughout 2017, even after she told him no.

Herron’s arraignment date has not been set, but he could be arraigned in Superior Court Judge Robert Flournoy’s courtroom as soon as Sept. 11.


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