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Smyrna Business Association President Barb Allen, who lived just behind the Sterigenics plant in Cobb County for 14 years, meets with fellow members of the Air-Quality Oversight Committee in Smyrna on Monday to discuss the first results of tests for ethylene oxide concentrations in the air around the facility.

The Air-Quality Oversight Committee was established by Smyrna Mayor Max Bacon to consider the independent air testing by private firm GHD of ethylene oxide concentrations around a medical sterilization facility in Cobb County owned by Sterigenics.

The committee comprises the following members from the Cobb County, Smyrna and Atlanta governments and the Georgia Department of Health, as well as community stakeholders including Smyrna residents living near the Sterigenics plant.


♦ Mayor Max Bacon (chairman)

♦ City administrator Tammi Saddler-Jones

♦ Fire Chief Roy Acree

♦ Community relations director Jennifer Bennett

♦ Councilman Tim Gould

Cobb County:

♦ Commissioner Bob Ott

♦ Commissioner Lisa Cupid

♦ Emergency management director Cassie Mazloom

♦ Public relations director Ross Cavitt

Cobb School District:

♦ School district chief of staff Kevin Daniel


♦ Chief health officer Dr. Angelica Geter Fugerson

Georgia Department of Public Health:

♦ Epidemiologist Rachel Franklin


♦ Smyrna Business Association President Barb Allen

♦ Fred Curvy

♦ George Mercurius

♦ Stephen Nelson


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