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Police are not filing criminal charges against the driver of a CobbLinc bus involved in a fatal collision with an electric scooter rider in Midtown last week.

Police are investigating the death of an electric scooter rider who collided with a CobbLinc bus in Midtown Wednesday night.

Atlanta police say they were called just before 10:30 p.m. to the intersection of West Peachtree Street NW and 15th Street NE, where the scooter rider was trapped under the bus.

He reportedly died before firefighters could free him.

“Atlanta Fire and Grady were able to extricate the male where they realized he had succumbed to his injuries,” Atlanta Police Officer Jarius Daugherty told the MDJ Thursday morning. “At this time, it is unknown who was the at-fault party.”

The rider was later identified by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office as 37-year-old Atlanta resident William Bradford Alexander.

Police say the bus was turning right onto 15th street when it collided with the man.

It is not clear whether Alexander was riding the scooter at the moment of collision.

Video footage from the bus and the nearby Arts Center MARTA station may shed light on what happened, police say.

“We’re hoping that the actual footage from the bus itself, which has cameras, will paint the real story of how it took place,” Capt. William Ricker told Channel 2 Action News from the scene Wednesday night.

Officers said an electric scooter was found in the street on the bus’s passenger side.

“We are deeply saddened about the incident involving one of our buses last night, and our thoughts go out to the family of the victim,” Cobb County spokesman Ross Cavitt said in a statement to the MDJ. ”We are also very concerned about the welfare of our CobbLinc driver, the passengers on the bus and anyone who may have witnessed this incident,” he said. “We are being fully cooperative and will turn over the video from the bus as soon as we can, as part of the Atlanta Police Department’s investigation.”

Cavitt said First Transit is the contractor that operates the CobbLinc fleet for the county.


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SO tragic. I watch THESE buses run red lights EVERY day AND make left turns across traffic ON red lights, too, at VERY BUSY intersections. I've even called about it and the "customer service" people appear to care less when called with times, locations and bus and tag numbers...

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