Smyrna Mayor Max Bacon’s Education Awards will take place on Monday from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 2800 King Street in Smyrna.

The award ceremony is held each year in May and in December. A student, a staff member and a volunteer from each school will be honored for the contributions and commitment to the education community.

Below are the May recipients listed in the order of principal, student, staff members and volunteers:

♦ Argyle Elementary — Georgette Clinton; Vianey Trejo-Rivera; and Chaun Walker. Argyle did not have a volunteer recipient.

♦ Belmont Hills Elementary — Ashley Campoli; Andrea Nwaigbo; Elaine Echols; and Valerie Luke, Allen Nicely, Allen Potter, and Sue and Rick Plunkett.

Campbell High School — Dr. Jeanne Walker; Kiran Suraj Gourisankar; Tammy Johnson; and Jennifer Mallon.

♦ Covenant Christian School — Dr. Robert Barber; Gabrielle Daniel; Jane Hamilton; and Betty Booker.

♦ Green Acres Elementary — Ashley Mize; Jesus Garcia Maldonado; Teresa Hils; and Rachel Burrows.

♦ Griffin Middle — Paul Gillihan; Leonard Gatuma; LaQuinca Brown; and Stacy Daze.

International Academy — Katrina Brinker; Rudi Jones; Gretchen Carr and Talisha Stroud; and Claudia Tierrablanca.♦

♦ King Springs Elementary — Dr. Cindy Szwec; Blu Patterson; Carol Harrison; and Heidi Sandate and Lindsey Ferstle.

♦ Nickajack Elementary — Laura Meyer; Josephine Balcita; Elinor Negron; and Judy Kent.

♦ Norton Park Elementary — Michelle Curry; Gemma Hawthorne; Jennifer Chandler and Violet Satchell; and James Ogburn.

♦ Russell Elementary — Tammy Watson; Camila Mucino; Peggy Gross; and Christina Chiles.

♦ Smyrna Elementary — Sharon Arduino; Aletheia Turner; Tonie Hutt; and Pam Askerneese.

♦ St. Benedict’s Episcopal — Father Brian Sullivan; Malley Turner; Megan Carr; and Katie Wasserman.

♦ Teasley Elementary — Leslie Mansfield; Clayton Clemmons; Becky Gibson; and Kate Hutto.

♦ Whitefield Academy — Kevin Bracher; Madison Sutherland; Sean Watson; and Robyn Feather.


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