Berry College in Rome has announced its spring 2022 Dean's list.

Local students included were:

  • Katherine Gray of Marietta, GA
  • Leah Booth of Marietta, GA
  • Shaina Hidalgo of Marietta, GA
  • Paige Bennett of Marietta, GA
  • Zak Eustace of Marietta, GA
  • Peter Jacobson of Marietta, GA
  • Chloe Bar of Marietta, GA
  • Isabella Decker of Marietta, GA
  • Megan Alexander of Marietta, GA
  • Michaela Duncan of Marietta, GA
  • Cameron Kawa of Marietta, GA
  • Melinda Dondelinger of Marietta, GA
  • Jasmine Sommer of Marietta, GA
  • Karsen Brantley of Marietta, GA
  • Cydney Maddox of Marietta, GA
  • Connor Murphy of Marietta, GA
  • Emily McCoy of Marietta, GA
  • Samuel Edens of Marietta, GA
  • Sarah Smith of Marietta, GA
  • Caroline Lanier of Marietta, GA
  • Madison Stephens of Marietta, GA
  • Eliza Lizdas of Marietta, GA
  • Riley Croker of Marietta, GA
  • Matthew Wilkinson of Marietta, GA
  • Emma Stewart of Marietta, GA
  • James Caddell of Marietta, GA
  • Justin Carr of Marietta, GA
  • Hannah Ramey of Marietta, GA
  • Kevin Stoddard of Marietta, GA
  • Riley Clark of Marietta, GA
  • Charlotte Brown of Smyrna, GA
  • Joseph Lewis of Smyrna, GA
  • Erin Cavanaugh of Smyrna, GA
  • Juliette McKinley of Smyrna, GA
  • Abigail Mize of Smyrna, GA
  • Isabela Brown of Acworth, GA
  • Monee Judkins of Acworth, GA
  • Kyle Lowe of Acworth, GA
  • Shannon Rapp of Acworth, GA
  • Savannah Blanco of Acworth, GA
  • Audrey Weaver of Acworth, GA
  • Katrina Edwards of Acworth, GA
  • Christopher Hale of Acworth, GA
  • Anna Skowronski of Acworth, GA
  • Abigail Carlton of Acworth, GA
  • Malachi West of Acworth, GA
  • Heather Rea of Mableton, GA
  • Avery Taylor of Mableton, GA
  • Gianpaolo Longo of Powder Springs, GA
  • Maria-Andrea Nivon Galvez of Powder Springs, GA
  • Colton Simmer of Powder Springs, GA
  • William Hardy of Powder Springs, GA
  • Amani Pyron of Powder Springs, GA
  • Aaron Bensley of Powder Springs, GA
  • Malynn Price of Powder Springs, GA
  • Emily Morrell of Powder Springs, GA
  • Jetaun Walker of Powder Springs, GA
  • Ethan Perlakowski of Powder Springs, GA
  • Laura Beier of Powder Springs, GA
  • Avelino Williams of Powder Springs, GA
  • Amy Solana of Powder Springs, GA
  • Sarah Thorne of Powder Springs, GA
  • Selena Angle of Kennesaw, GA
  • Erika Becerra Gutierrez of Kennesaw, GA
  • Kaitlyn Alonso of Kennesaw, GA
  • Nathan Stewart of Kennesaw, GA
  • Christopher Whaley of Kennesaw, GA
  • Kristy Moss of Kennesaw, GA
  • Olivia White of Kennesaw, GA
  • Hunter Sneed of Kennesaw, GA
  • Thea Dupree of Kennesaw, GA
  • Roggi Garcia of Kennesaw, GA
  • Jordan Bailey of Kennesaw, GA
  • Chloe White of Kennesaw, GA
  • Amanda Merrilles of Austell, GA
  • Makenna Cooper of Atlanta, GA
  • Kimani Grey-Campbell of Atlanta, GA

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