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David Birdwell, of the Committee for Cityhood in East Cobb denied at a debate Tuesday that the group has been opaque or dishonest.

The Committee for Cityhood in East Cobb has updated its website to include the names of the people on its steering committee.

They are:

♦ David Birdwell, retired logistics real estate executive

♦ Owen Brown, owner and president of retail real estate company

♦ Rob Eble, technology consulting

♦ Joe Gavalis, retired federal agent

♦ Dee Gay, insurance consultant

♦ Karan Hallacy, Georgia PTA president, Development Authority of Cobb County member

♦ Lisa Hanson, former sales and marketing executive

♦ Nick Johnson, health care technology

♦ Chris Mayer, SR VP sales & marketing Flexible Packaging

♦ Chip Patterson, partner, hospitality business

♦ Jerry Quan, retired Cobb County Police Precinct 4 commander, current school resource officer

♦ Carolyn Roddy, attorney

♦ David Womack, technology outsourcing deployment

♦ John Woods, financial consulting

Mindy Seger of the anti-cityhood East Cobb Alliance accused the group on Tuesday of being led by real estate interests.

David Birdwell, the de facto face of the Committee for Cityhood, said only three of the 14-person leadership team had such ties.

“The initial website had 12 members listed,” Seger said. “Several people I’ve talked to, including myself, did due diligence and found a pretty high percentage of real estate ties. You’re now saying three of 14. I haven’t seen that list.”The group has yet to release the names of those funding it.

Late last year, the committee paid Georgia State University $36,000 for a feasibility study. It has also paid four different lobbyists at least $10,000 each this year, according to the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.


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It would seem that Karen Hallacy's involvement in pushing cityhood for East Cobb would be a conflict of interest. Perhaps the cityhood folks think so, too, since they don't include the fact that she's on the board of the Development Authority of Cobb County on their website. They only list her PTA affiliation.

Scott Killebrew

David Birdwell, from LinkedIn - Senior Executive in Commercial Real Estate/Entrepreneur, retired from IDI Logistics. A leading developer and manager of logistics real estate.

G. Owen Brown, founder, owner and President of Retail Planning Corporation. Owen has developed more than fifty new retail shopping centers and completed more than fifteen redevelopments over the past forty year.

Roger "Chop" Patterson, Three P Partners, an innovative full service development company with the mission to identify, select, and produce real estate ventures.

All information from their websites or LinkedIn.

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