A venue regularly used to host beauty pageants is now being used as a filming location for a Jennifer Aniston comedy about a beauty pageant.

The Cobb County Civic Center and adjacent Jennie T. Anderson Theatre is the shooting location of “Dumplin’,” a movie about a plus-size teenager who enters a pageant to win over a boy she likes. The movie is based on a 2015 novel written by Julie Murphy and is set to release in 2018, according to

Internet Movie Database.

The film also stars Australian actress Danielle Macdonald as Willowdean “Dumplin’” Dickson, the film’s protagonist. Aniston’s character plays Rosie Dickson, Dumplin’s mother who was a former beauty queen herself.

The film was adapted to a screenplay by Kristin Hahn, who was a bridesmaid at Aniston and Brad Pitt’s July 2000 wedding, according to the website, and the movie is being directed by Anne Fletcher.

On Monday, actors’ trailers lined the grassy area just outside the Civic Center and a large tent set up nearby housed tables for stars and extras as caterers worked to set up lunch for the film crew. Attempts to get onto the set for photos and interviews proved unsuccessful.

Studies show Georgia was the top filming location in the world last year, with 17 of the 100 top-grossing feature films produced locally.

Of the 100 movies analyzed in the report released this year by Film L.A. Inc., the 17 filmed in Georgia had budgets totaling more than $950 million, and about half that was spent here in the state.

The overall economic impact of Georgia’s film industry is estimated to be about $7 billion.

To attract additional business, Georgia offers a 20 percent income tax credit on all in-state costs associated with movie and television investments of half a million or more,

Holly Quinlan, the CEO of Cobb Travel & Tourism, is the liaison who links movie makers with locations in Cobb County.

“Movies and TV production is always fun,” she said. “It brings a lot of recognition to a community, and film tourism is something that is growing. It’s a unique new way that communities are recognized.”


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