Over $1,000 worth of clothing was stolen from a store in Cumberland Mall by a group of shoplifters equipped with an anti-detection “booster bag” and a pry tool, police say.

Cobb officers apprehended two suspects at Cumberland Mall just before 1 p.m. on Nov. 8 and identified a third suspect, an unnamed juvenile, according to arrest warrants.

Trebioun Juan Hunter, 20, of Riverdale, and Larry Jerome Platts, 23, of Douglasville, were booked into the Cobb County jail, each charged with felony counts of theft by shoplifting and possessing tools used to commit a crime, their jail records show.

Police said Hunter and Platts were waiting in a getaway car outside the mall while four accomplices went inside and stole 48 pieces of clothing from H&M, collectively worth $1,136.

Hunter and Platts were waiting, “ready to flee,” in the white Dodge Challenger when a juvenile suspect entered the vehicle with stolen merchandise, police said.

Platts was released from custody after two days on a $4,000 bond, but Hunter remains behind bars without bond, records show.

No other suspects have been named by police in relation to the incident.

Both Platts and Hunter are accused of possessing a black leather backpack that had been converted to mask the radio signals emitted by retail anti-theft devices, commonly referred to as a “booster bag,” police said.

The suspects also had a “pry tool,” commonly used by shoplifters, officers claim.


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