A $50 Taco Mac dinner, paid for with an altered bank card in someone else’s name, landed a Douglasville man in hot water with Kennesaw authorities when they subsequently found him in possession of 10 tampered bank cards and a credit card reader, police said.

Dennis Foster, 27, was arrested at the Kennesaw Taco Mac restaurant and bar on Chastain Road, near George Busbee Parkway, at 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 10 and booked into the Cobb County jail, records show.

Police said Foster, originally from New Jersey, bought $50.38 worth of food “with tip” at the Taco Mac using an American Express Hilton Honors Card in a different man’s name, which had been altered so the magnetic strip matched the number of yet another man’s American Express.

In addition to that card, Foster had nine other altered bank cards showing different numbers than those the magnetic strips on the cards were matched to, according to his arrest warrant.

The tampered cards in Foster’s possession were from a range of banks, including SunTrust, Bank of America, Western Union, Capital One and Wells Fargo, police said, and either in his name or that of another person.

One card was a NASCAR Visa debit card, and at least five different names were attached to the 10 cards overall, documents show.

Foster also possessed a credit card reader, the kind available online for less than $200, to fraudulently use other people’s bank cards, police said.

Foster remains in custody at the Cobb jail on 12 felony charges, subject to $30,000 bond, his jail record shows.

He faces 10 counts of forgery in the second degree as well as single counts of financial transaction card fraud and possessing a device for such fraud, records show.


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