A woman and her boyfriend were stabbed and threatened at a Marietta homeless shelter by the woman’s ex-boyfriend, who hid in the bushes waiting to attack, police say.

According to the warrant, the woman was stabbed in the head three times and her boyfriend was stabbed in the stomach before both were further threatened.

The incident at the Elizabeth Inn homeless shelter and community kitchen operated by MUST Ministries on Elizabeth Church Road, according to the suspect’s arrest warrant.

Joshua Robert, also identified by Cobb authorities as Robert Joshua, was arrested at the Elizabeth Inn, near the Cobb Parkway and Canton Road Connector intersection, around 6 a.m. on Nov. 11, records show.

He remains behind bars in the Cobb County jail without bond, facing two felony counts of aggravated assault and two misdemeanor counts of terroristic threats, according to his jail record.

Police said Robert, 51, of Macon, was waiting in the bushes at the homeless shelter just before 6 a.m. on Nov. 11, claiming he was there to talk to his ex-girlfriend.

While on the property, Robert attacked his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend with a knife, officers said.

Police said Robert chased both victims around the parking lot on the property, trying to stab them further, and then yelled he would kill them both, once they had taken shelter inside.

The Elizabeth Inn is one of several facilities owned and operated by MUST Ministries, which has been helping homeless people in Cobb County for over 45 years.

On the Elizabeth Church Road site, there is the Elizabeth Inn shelter providing guests with food, clothing and shelter as well as employment assistance and other support; and there is also the Loaves and Fishes Community Kitchen, serving almost 80,000 meals a year, the organization’s website states.


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