A Canton couple are in the Cobb County jail accused of stealing and pawning over $17,000 worth of personal property, including two shotguns and a $10,000 guitar, from a northeast Cobb house while the owner was out of state.

Stacey Melissa Craven, 41, and Thomas Troy Rountree, 51, were arrested by Cobb County police around 1:30 a.m. on Feb. 5 at the Alabama Road exit of Interstate 575, about five miles from the house, according to their jail records.

Police said Rountree was employed by the northeast Cobb homeowner to do some repairs and construction work on the home, to get it ready for sale, while the homeowner was going back and forth between Georgia and Tampa, Florida, where he was planning to move.

The homeowner was not at his northeast Cobb house on Wigley Road between Nov. 4, 2019, and Jan. 8, 2020, when police said his belongings were stolen and pawned by the Canton couple.

During that period, Rountree had use of the owner’s car and access to the house to complete the repair work, police said.

Rountree got his girlfriend, Craven, to pawn items stolen from the home, according to their arrest warrants.

These items included two shotguns, a $10,000 guitar, an amplifier, gold coins, jewelry, a saw blade and a tool kit, police said.

“Over $17,370 worth of property was taken from the residence and was pawned by the said accused’s girlfriend, Ms. Stacey Craven,” Rountree’s arrest warrant states. “The said accused was seen outside waiting in a vehicle by an employee of the County Line Pawn Shop on multiple occasions while Ms. Craven was inside pawning the stolen items. The said accused told the victim that Ms. Craven had taken the stolen property in question.”

Some of the items were located by the victim at County Line Pawn Shop, on Canton Road in north Marietta, police said.

Jail records show Rountree and Craven both face two felony counts of theft by deception and burglary in the first degree.

Rountree is subject to a $20,000 bond order and Craven is subject to a $10,000 bond order, per their jail records.

Neither has been released and they both remain in custody at the county jail.

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