Cobb Parks might soon join the list of county departments to use license plate readers to fight crime.

County commissioners will decide at their Tuesday meeting whether to approve a $182,000 contract to install 26 plate readers in 13 parks. The money would come from the 2016 penny sales tax that had been allocated for “technology improvements and upgrades in various parks.”

According to the request from Parks Director Jimmy Gisi, the 13 parks were selected “based on experience and the data obtained from the police department records of the number and type of citizen requested dispatch calls.”

The cameras would be installed at park entrances and record the license plates and characteristics of cars entering and exiting the parks, as well as the times they do so. Parks staff would not have access to the data, which will only be viewable by the county police department.

The request notes that other county departments use licence plate readers, but does not specify which ones. County Manager Rob Hosack did not immediately return a call requesting comment Friday afternoon.

The contract would be with Flock Group, Inc., and include installation, integration with the county police department’s existing system, a three-year warranty and four-year agreement for cloud hosting, cellular service and continual software updates for new features.

In the fifth year, an annual $26,000 fee — $1,000 per camera — will be required to maintain cloud hosting, cellular service and continued software updates.

The list of parks is as follows:

♦ Lost Mountain Park

♦ Oregon Park

♦ Fair Oaks Park

♦ East Cobb Park

♦ Terrell Mill Park

♦ Fullers Park

♦ Skip Wells Park

♦ Noonday Park

♦ Wallace Park

♦ Hurt Road Park

♦ South Cobb Campus

♦ Tramore Park

♦ Wild Horse Creek Park


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Marie Lee

Why do they need cloud hosting?

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