A controversial planned town home development in Marietta, near the intersection of South Marietta Parkway and Lower Roswell Road, appears to have been abandoned by Traton Homes.

The Marietta-headquartered development company planned to build 37 town homes and 15 detached residences on 7.5 acres at the Indian Trail and Lower Roswell Road intersection.

Traton applied to the Marietta City Council to do so, wanting part of the land to be annexed into the city and for that land to be rezoned in line with the part of the property already in Marietta.

The development plan upset some neighbors, who were concerned traffic congestion in the area would become unbearable.

“You double the school buses, trash service and fire and police. For us, traffic is a grave concern,” Robin Moody, a resident of the nearby Sewell Manor neighborhood, told the MDJ in July. “We’re not against development in our area — we’re just against irresponsible development, and that’s what we feel this is.”

Despite opposition from the county as well, the plan progressed, last coming before the Marietta City Council on July 10.

At that time, council members put a temporary halt on Traton’s application, imposing a 90-day deadline for the company to file written notification to continue with its case and solve some legal limitations.

The deadline passed Wednesday with nothing filed, Marietta Director of Development Services Rusty Roth confirmed.

This means Traton’s application is dismissed without prejudice and is not due to come back before the council unless the company reapplies.

Traton initially proposed 62 town homes and one detached house for the site, equating to a density of 8.56 units per acre.

Revised site plans brought the density down to 6.95 units per acre, but opponents were still not satisfied.

“I believe it would be a reckless decision on behalf of the city to approve this annexation for a number of reasons, specifically if the purpose will be to build so many town homes in a well-established and quaint single-family home neighborhood,” area resident Lindsay Penticuff wrote in a letter to Marietta’s planning commission.

The MDJ has reached out to Traton for comment.


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