KENNESAW — Kennesaw State University’s newest graduates were raised in different countries, and they found a second home in Cobb County.

One graduate, Rajbin Singh, left his home in Nepal four years ago to study here.

“I heard about the Cole’s College (of Business), and they offered a good management degree,” he said after receiving his diploma Tuesday morning.

Singh, 24, returned to Nepal to visit his family once during his four-year college career. His parents, Raj Singh and Shree Man Singh, traveled to Kennesaw for the first time to watch their only son graduate from college.

“It’s a special occasion, obviously,” said his father, Shree Man Singh.

Now that Rajbin Singh has graduated from KSU, he said he has to decide whether he wants to stay in the United States or return to Nepal.

“We’re actually hoping he’ll come back to Nepal,” his father said.

Other recent KSU graduates live closer to home.

KSU graduate Jerdon Lake moved from Athens, Georgia, to Kennesaw in 2011 to study for his degree in information systems.

Since then, Lake, 23, said his friends from Athens have moved to other places, so he has decided to remain in Cobb to work for the university.

“I’m not trying to go back to Athens. This is my second home,” he said.

One of Lake’s classmates, Tiffany Hall, moved from Newnan to Kennesaw in 2012, and she said she is not planning to return to her hometown either.

Hall graduated with her information systems degree Tuesday morning and is looking for a job in application development in metro Atlanta — preferably north of Newnan.

“It’s been pretty much home to me,” he said.

Some of KSU’s newest graduates grew up in Cobb County and have no plans to leave.

Darren Domino graduated with his international business degree Tuesday morning, five years after he graduated from Harrison High School in 2012.

Domino, 23, remained in his home county for college and is looking in metro Atlanta for a job that will put his degree to use.

“It has big college feel. You don’t feel like you’re close to home,” he said. “There’s so much opportunity here.”

Another Cobb high school graduate, Evan Bennett, is also planning to stay in the area. A 2012 Walton High School alumnus, Bennett, 23, was awarded his business management degree from KSU Tuesday morning.

“Atlanta draws you in and makes it really hard for you to leave,” he said. “It’s an up-and-coming city that continues to grow.”

KSU drew in students from around the world, and their connection with the university and Cobb County is keeping some of the graduates nearby.

More than 3,200 KSU students are graduating from the university this week. More than 35,000 students are enrolled at KSU, making it the third largest university in Georgia behind Georgia State University and the University of Georgia.


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