Nimar Kelly

Nimar Kelly, victim.

The South Cobb High School community is reeling after a 16-year-old student was shot to death over the weekend.

Nimar Kelly was killed at about 1 p.m. Saturday at the Croma Apartment complex on Mesa Valley Way in Austell, according to Fox5 Atlanta.

“Our thoughts and support are with the student’s loved ones and our school family as we struggle to make sense of what’s happened,” Principal Clint Terza wrote in a letter to parents. “Your child will hurt for the loss of their friend and may have questions for you, questions that they’ve never considered before. You may not feel like you have all the answers, but what you have will be enough if it is partnered with loving reassurance and support.”

South Cobb students told FOX5’s Denise Dillon the school brought in support for the students Monday, but the atmosphere was mournful.

“Everybody was crying,” said Antonio Bussey, a friend of Kelly’s. “They just put us in a room, and we were all hugging each other, crying and talking about him. The counselor was trying to cheer us up, it worked a little, but there’s still the fact that he’s not here today.”

Police are seeking a 15-year-old suspect in the shooting. According to officers, Nimar was visiting the complex when the suspect appeared, apparently ready to fight.

FOX5 interviewed neighbor Julius Edwards, who ran outside after hearing gunfire and saw Nimar bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds.

“One of the neighbors was trying to put pressure on one wound, I’m trying to look for a hole and trying to keep him awake,” said Edwards.

Nimar was rushed to the hospital, but succumbed to his wounds.

Police have not released details on the suspect, but in what may be a related incident, the principal of Pebblebrook High School wrote an email to faculty that a South Cobb High student was shot over the weekend by a former Pebblebrook student.

“There is concern about retaliation and as such there will be a greater Cobb Police presence in the area and on campus today. Please keep all students in class today and only write a pass in the event of an emergency,” Principal Travis Joshua wrote. “In the past, (the former student) has been seen on campus even though he has been expelled. If you happen to see (him), please immediately notify the main office so that they can alert our police officers.”


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