Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren has appointed Col. Sonya Allen as his second in command to take over from retiring Chief Deputy Sheriff Milton Beck in August.

Allen has spent 27 years with the Cobb sheriff’s office.

In a news release last Friday, Sheriff Warren praised the colonel’s extensive law enforcement work to date, which includes stints in the narcotics, field operations, fugitive and detention units, court services, criminal investigations and internal affairs.

Allen is currently assigned to the sheriff’s executive office and oversees legal, legislative, budgeting and contractual services for the agency.

“I have seen how Sonya has gained a broad range of experiences during her career and how she has used those skills and expertise to positively impact the sheriff’s office,” Warren said. “She has been an excellent role model for accountability, public service and community engagement.”

A Kennesaw resident, Allen grew up in east Cobb and graduated from Sprayberry High School in 1987.

She obtained a bachelor’s of science in 1991 from the University of West Georgia and received a Juris


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(3) comments

JJ Herndon

This isn’t a surprise if you know how the Cobb Sheriffs office works. There’s two scenarios I see at play here with this appointment by Sheriff Warren. 1) Warren will be about 74 years old in 2020. With all the things coming out about him he realizes he can’t win Cobb. He resigns and hands Allen the office. She then gets to run as an “incumbent” when she clearly is not. The republicans hope she can draw enough votes to make up for the county turning blue and the political damage he’s done to the office. Problem is Cobb is turning Blue and she would be more of the same. People simply are not as dumb as these people must think they are. She’s been on team Warren since 2004, at every fundraiser for him, is his legal counsel for the office and likely advised, condoned and supported him in everything from suppressing free speech, suppressing minorities, running Internal affairs where they’ve colluded to keep deputies out on bond for felonies in made up jobs, hiring back deputies who resigned instead of taking drug tests, Deputies who resigned in lieu of termination for cheating at the police academy, liars and sexual deviants. They both appear to condone their staff using subordinates as a dating pool. You’ve got Colonels, more than one there with a history of carrying on inappropriate relationships with subordinates. One Col supervised his last three wives. Not to mention her office investigated themselves in Inmate deaths and always cleared themselves. She has been shaped and molded by Warren and would be more of the same. 2) Warrens ego gets the best of him. Despite being hammered with the truth in the news with suppressing free speech, giving a lobbyist a made up job, giving criminal deputies made up jobs, rehiring those that resigned in lieu of termination or under investigation, mismanagement of county resources, mismanagement of money, basically running a good ole boy system as even stated by the Fraternal Order Of Police...he decides to weather the storm and run again. He claims to have no budget even when requested but gets the largest allotment of money in the county at 85 million dollars. This guy only looks out for himself. Not once did he appear before the commissioners to advocate for his deputies. Not once. I attended the meetings and he was never there. I sure hope he tries to run again. But then again he’s never really been challenged in the Sheriffs race and may go running scared into retirement and punt to Allen. He will be challenged in 2020. She will be challenged. Either way the public isn’t dumb, they can see what you’re really doing. You can bank on it.

Keith Stewart

If anyone actually believes the comments posted by JJ Herndon, he has you all fooled. This is all from a disgraced and disgruntled former employee of the Sheriffs Office who lost his job. Everything he posts is either a complete fabrication or at best a half truth. Don’t believe me? Open records his former file. It’s all there!

Rich the Equalizer Pellegrino

Everything which Herndon wrote is true and more, and there is plenty of evidence however the corrupt Cobb elites have suppressed it for years---but thankfully that day is over

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