CobbLinc has announced that Sept. 8 will be the start date for Phase 1 of the new service changes.

Changes will include a new Rapid 10 route, a new Sunday service, updated schedules and streamlined route alignments.

Phase 1 changes also will include the elimination of Routes 10A, 10B and 10C from service. Information on commute alternatives for these routes, as well as detailed information on the changes above, is available online at under Service Announcements.

“These changes are the result of more than a year’s worth of study and data analysis and some of the most substantial that the system has seen in its 30-year history,” said Andrea Foard, DOT Transit division manager. “We hope that these systemwide changes will provide a more reliable commute and enhanced riding experience for our passengers.”

The start date for Phase 2 of the service changes is still pending and includes implementation of a Transportation Network Companies (TNC) Partnership Zone as well as recommended changes to Routes 25 and 30.

“The TNC Partnership Zone is new endeavor, so we knew it would take longer to implement. It has a lot of moving parts," said Erica Parish, Cobb County DOT director.

The TNC Partnership Zone and changes to Routes 25 and 30 will be implemented simultaneously.

“Making changes to Routes 25 and 30 before the TNC partnership zone takes effect would have impacted transit coverage in southwestern Cobb County,” said Foard. "The Phase 2 changes are designed to complement one another and should be implemented together.”


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