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Pearson Middle School staff welcome students into the newly opened school for the first day of the school year on Aug. 2, 2021. Cobb County schools have reported more than 1,700 COVID-19 cases in the first three weeks of the school year.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Cobb County schools has more than doubled in a week.

The district reported Friday it now has documented 1,764 cases among its students and staff since school began August 2, up from 822 seven days ago. Every Cobb County school but one — the South Cobb Early Learning Center — has now reported a coronavirus infection this school year.

Thirteen elementary schools reported double-digit case increases this week. The list was topped by East Side, Dowell, and Nickajack Elementary Schools, respectively clocking 35, 29, and 26 new cases.

Most of the county’s middle schools reported a dozen or fewer cases, with one glaring exception, as Barber Middle School in Acworth reported 35. Cobb high schools all reported new cases, with Walton reporting 33, Sprayberry reporting 32, North Cobb and Allatoona reporting 19, and South Cobb, McEachern and Hillgrove each reporting 18 new cases.

The Cobb County School District does not specify how many cases are from teachers versus students.

The report comes a day after an explosive school board meeting Thursday where board members argued intensely over the district’s COVID-19 policies. As hundreds of protestors for and against a mask mandate gathered outside the district’s central office, Superintendent Chris Ragsdale doubled down on the district’s policy of allowing masks to be optional.  

Marietta City Schools reported 94 active, confirmed COVID-19 cases in the district Friday, with 82 of those being among students. Another five students were reported as presumed positive for the virus. That's an increase from 45 students and nine teachers confirmed positive a week ago. 

The Marietta district reports its totals differently from the Cobb County School District, Marietta spokesperson Jen Brock said. Its totals reflect only active cases, which include new cases and prior cases still in isolation. Once a student or staff member who has tested positive completes their quarantine period, they are no longer counted toward total active cases.

In Cobb County at-large, four deaths from the virus were reported by the Georgia Department of Public Health Friday.

Here's a look at Cobb County and state coronavirus numbers reported August 20, and how they compare to the day before. All information comes from the Georgia Department of Public Health. 

Cobb County's COVID-19 Numbers for Friday

Category 8/20/21 Change
Cases 69,084 +308
Hospitalizations 3,748 +4
Deaths 1,062 +4

Georgia's COVID-19 Numbers for Friday

Category 8/20/21 Change
Cases 1,019,585 +6,776
Hospitalizations 70,108 +311
Deaths 19,179 +48

A Cobb-Douglas Public Health report, including data on how the coronavirus is affecting different ZIP codes, genders and ages, is available at reports.mysidewalk.com/17554e75c1#c-452027.

For the Georgia DPH’s full report, visit dph.georgia.gov/covid-19-daily-status-report.

National data can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website at cdc.gov.



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