Walton High School grad

In this file photo, Walton High School senior Farah Al-Karwe recites the Pledge of Allegiance at McEachern High School stadium before the Class of 2020 graduation ceremonies.

Cobb County School District has announced details about its high school graduation ceremonies, Monday, May 24 through June 4, at McEachern High School’s Cantrell Stadium.

Cobb high school graduations

School Date Time
Cobb Horizon 5/24/2021 7 p.m.
Lassiter 5/25/2021 7 p.m.
Pope 5/26/2021 7 p.m.
McEachern 5/27/2021 9 a.m.
Kennesaw Mountain 5/27/2021 7 p.m.
Walton 5/28/2021 9 a.m.
Pebblebrook 5/28/2021 7 p.m.
North Cobb 5/29/2021 9 a.m.
Wheeler 5/59/2021 7 p.m.
Campbell 6/1/2021 9 a.m.
Hillgrove 6/1/2021 7 p.m.
South Cobb 6/2/2021 9 a.m.
Kell 6/2/2021 7 p.m.
Harrison 6/3/2021 9 a.m.
Allatoona 6/3/2021 7 p.m.
Osborne 6/4/2021 9 a.m.
Sprayberry 6/4/2021 7 p.m.

Cantrell Stadium is the second-largest outdoor venue in Cobb County, according to the school district.

Social distancing and masks will be required in the stands and on the field. The district will outline additional safety protocols in early May on its commencement page, as well as more information on the venue, parking, and streaming.

This year’s schedule is similar to last year because “there is no indication that the impact on in-person events will change significantly before the end of the current school year,” according to the district website.

Graduations will not be held May 30 or May 31, which is Memorial Day weekend. June 5 has been reserved as a make-up day for up to two ceremonies.

Tickets will be limited due to public health guidance, and each high school’s ceremony will be streamed live online. High schools will provide details about ticket allocations and distribution in late March.


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