All Cobb parks and parks department facilities are closed “effective immediately due to the coronavirus pandemic,” the county announced Monday.

The declaration marks a 180-degree turn from the county’s position only a few days earlier.

Friday, county Chairman Mike Boyce asserted the parks would stay open.

“If we close all the parks ... people are simply gonna go use those parks,” he said in a video posted on the county’s website. “That’s just human nature. They’re gonna get out of their houses, they’re gonna have cabin fever.”

Boyce said keeping the parks open was a matter of having personnel on hand to deal with any issues that might arise.

“It does no good to have a major incident at a park where we don’t have any kind of a presence and then it takes 24 or 48 or 72 hours before anybody finds out about it,” he said. “And then of course ... people are going to say, ‘Well why weren’t you there to take care of it?’”

The county said Monday it has closed the parks “in the interest of public health and to encourage social distancing.”

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Daryl Duboise

I'm cool with this, I'm glad the county is being proactive rather than reactive. I run 4 days a week at a park, well, I'll just have to find a nice big parking lot instead. No big deal or run in my neighborhood. Cabin fever is the least of our problems at this point, we all need to get used to the new way of life for a while until this stuff gets better. Maybe pick up a new hobby or spend quailty time at home with the people that matter most. But, stay healthy out there!

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