A Cobb County jail inmate died Sunday morning, marking at least the fourth death of a prisoner there in the last 12 months.

Kevil Wingo, 36, of Atlanta, was taken from the jail to Kennestone Hospital, said Cmdr. Robert Quigley with the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office.

“Mr. Wingo experienced a medical emergency Sunday morning while in custody and was transported by ambulance to Kennestone Hospital, where he later died,” Quigley said. “Because of an ongoing and active investigation by the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office and the Cobb County Medical Examiner’s Office, we are unable to elaborate further at this time.”

Speaking to the MDJ Monday, Cobb Medical Examiner Christopher Gulledge said he could not discuss details of the case, but he does not believe the results will be long in coming.

“We just finished doing the examination today,” he said. “We’re going to have a couple tests that will go out as part of that. Anytime we have a death in custody, they can be complex cases. Based on the examination, I don’t think this one is going to be a very complex case, but I’m going to leave that to the pathologist that did the case. I don’t imagine this will take a long time. The biggest thing is getting the tests out and getting the tests back.”

According to jail records, Wingo was arrested Sept. 24 and charged with cocaine possession. Police said a search of his car outside a hotel near Six Flags turned up .2 grams of cocaine.

Three other recent deaths in the jail were ruled an accident, a suicide and death from natural causes.


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(5) comments

Tiffany Wingo

We need justice for my brother SHT crazy how Dey killed my brother man he wasn’t even in there more then 5 days

Rajinder Davis

My husband Steven Davis died while in the Cobb county jail on June 8, 2019. I just got in touch with Fox 5 news after seeing the protest on the news. It's been 4 long months and still no answers.

JJ Herndon

‼️‼️🚨🚨🚨Sadly, I find myself posting about yet another Inmate death under Sheriff Buddy Neil Warren’s watch. A man who was arrested on 09/24/19 died, alone, on the floor of a padded cell.

He didn’t even survive 5 days in Warrens jail. Per Deputies this man was dead on the floor. The Sheriff sends dead people to the hospital so they aren’t listed as actually dying in his jail. I’ve personally seen him do this with other inmates.

This doesn’t appear to be a suicide but yet another death due to medical neglect and poor staffing levels under Sheriff Buddy Warren.

I wonder if Warren will call in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to investigate as he should. I wonder if he wants to know what went wrong or how this type of tragedy could be prevented.

I bet not.

As in all other in-custody deaths Warren will likely get someone from the fugitive unit to investigate.

I bet you’re thinking that doesn’t make any sense! What would a deputy assigned to serve high risk warrants know about in custody jail deaths? If you’re thinking nothing, you’d be right. He won’t even call in his own CSI because they report what they find rather than what’s politically savvy.

How do I know? I worked there. I saw Warren place this burden on inexperienced, untrained investigators time after time. It’s a cruel disservice to the families that want to know why their loved one, in his custody and care, died as so many others have over the years under his watch.

This is at least FOUR deaths in ole Buddy Warrens jail in the past nine months. I believe the tally is now more than a dozen in the last few years. That’s an absurd number.

I’ve been asked why we should care about the Cobb Sheriffs race? Why does it matter? It matters because this could happen to people we know, people we love, people from our community. Jail is used to house people that have not been convicted of a crime. They deserve to be able to live to see a judge.

Warren was hired directly as a Sergeant to the Sheriffs office. He spent his entire career (as per his office’s records) not in uniform and not working in the jail. How can you understand how a jail works when you’ve never worked in it? When you’re not even jailer certified like every other deputy?

You can’t.

I worked in our jail on the front lines and as a supervisor. I am certified to actually work in a jail unlike Buddy Neil Warren. I know what our staff need. I know it from first hand experience.

Warren claims that he’s been in law enforcement for 42 years but doesn’t come close to the number of training hours I have. In all that time he never found the time to get basic jailer certification.

Maybe it’s because he’s busy.

Maybe it’s because the jail is scary.

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t care.

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t understand.

Maybe it’s all of the above.

His campaign signs list three things.




He literally lacks all three when it comes to managing a jail. His track record of deaths are all the resume I need to see.

It’s time for a change.

I DO have the courage, knowledge and experience to institute reforms needed to make our jail a place people from all walks of like can safely survive to have their day in court.

Remember this when you go to the polls. Instead of more equipment, mental health staff and detention officers for our jail this man buys his lobbyist, secretaries and IT staff, who are not law enforcement, new cars. All on your dime to drive with free gas and free insurance.

He and his Chief Deputy Sonya Allen are the poster children for the “good ole boy” system.

Let’s work to change this office.

I need your support.

I need your vote.


Donate ✅



Mike Nelson

Typical Democratic response, jump on the bandwagon without any knowledge of the facts. Neil Warren has represented Cobb County very well. And a Maxine Waters puppet is the LAST THING COBB NEEDS!!!! As sheriff.

Johanna Williams

Maxine is quite busy right now, telling everyone to "peech foty-fi."

On a more serious note, condolences to the family of the gentleman who passed on.

May he rest in peach and may the truth eventually come out.

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