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Following bipartisan backlash, the Cobb County Republican Party has canceled its Thursday night vigil commemorating the one-year anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

“Due to the mischaracterization of the event scheduled for January 6th and the ensuing concerns for the safety of those in attendance, the prayer vigil is CANCELED,” the Cobb GOP announcement reads. “All those who would have been in attendance are encouraged to keep those families who suffered a loss of loved ones, along with the pre-trial prisoners held in DC in inhumane conditions in thoughtful prayer. It is our fervent hope that all those who committed unlawful acts against our Nation’s Capital are brought to swift justice.”

The event, which included a “candlelight vigil for J6 Patriots held in DC prison,” was criticized by Democrats, as well as Republicans such as former Cobb GOP Chairman Jason Shepherd.

“I think it’s a wise move on the part of the Cobb GOP leadership, and I think it’s going to go a long way in helping to restore unity,” Shepherd told the MDJ Wednesday. “This was an unforced error by them and I think we saw the result.”

Salleigh Grubbs, the current Cobb GOP chairwoman, defended the event and said it had been misrepresented on social media and in the press.

Salleigh Grubbs .jpg

Salleigh Grubbs

“It’s portrayed as though it was a celebration of the storming of the Capitol, which nothing is further from the truth,” Grubbs told the MDJ Wednesday. “There were people that died that day, and they deserve to be remembered, and their families prayed for. And there are people that are still in prison without their constitutional rights being respected.”

State Rep. Teri Anulewicz, D-Smyrna, had described the event as an “homage to treason.” Another Smyrna Democrat, state Rep. Erick Allen, called it “lunacy.”

State Rep. Don Parsons, R-Marietta, said in an interview he was glad the event was canceled, and that it should never have been scheduled in the first place.

Don Parsons

Don Parsons

“The primary goal of the Cobb GOP should be to help Republicans get elected. And I don’t know of anything that that (event) would have done, in any way, that would have gained one more vote for Republicans in the upcoming elections. I think if anything, it would have lost us votes. … I can’t even imagine why anybody thought that was a good idea.”

Shepherd told the MDJ earlier this week that the Cobb GOP had become toxic since Grubbs took over. In the fall, he resigned from the Cobb GOP’s governing committee over the organization’s censure of Republican Gov. Brian Kemp. One elected official has told Shepherd that Cobb Republicans ought to join the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club rather than be associated with the Cobb GOP, he said.

“I think in the roughly eight months since I’ve been chair that they have systematically ruined all the hard work that we did to rebuild the brand in four years,” Shepherd said. “From what I’m hearing, and what I’m seeing, and what people are saying to me privately, elected officials are staying away from the Cobb GOP. To be associated with this is toxic.”

The program for the event had included a live streaming of Donald Trump’s planned Thursday press conference from Mar-a-Lago. On Tuesday, Trump announced he was canceling the press conference.

Jason Shepherd MUG

Jason Shepherd

The Cobb GOP’s announcement seemed to both sympathize with rioters awaiting trial in jail while simultaneously calling for them to be held accountable. Asked about the conflict between those two sentiments, Grubbs told the MDJ Wednesday that “we don’t know who the people are that actually perpetrated the attack.”

Grubbs also said she was concerned about safety, saying she had heard that a counterprotest was being planned.

Shepherd told the MDJ earlier this week that those rioters who committed violent crimes were being held without bond just like any other person accused of violent felonies.

“There’s not tens of thousands of people who were just rounded up off the street and are sitting in D.C. jail with no charges,” Shepherd said. “These people who are there have been charged with a crime.”

For Parsons, any event commemorating people who contributed to the violence and chaos of that day is inappropriate, and bad politics too.

“As we move forward as Republicans, the main thing we need to do is focus on and concentrate on gaining Republican voters,” Parsons said. “That’s what we need to focus on. And something like what they had planned for Thursday night went directly against the grain of that.”


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(16) comments

Winston Farrell

Oh well....

Tim Boone

Great. They can crawl back under their rocks!

David Leonard

Thank God. To honor this power grab based on the lie of the century would be one of the most un-American acts I can imagine.

gee whiz

Dang. There goes my date night...

RL Bays

Patriots? HAHAHAHA!!!

George Sandru

Nothing new here. Democrats whine and Republicans cave!

Shelly Leitheiser

The people who stormed the capitol deserve to be in prison and in fact committed treason against the United States government. They should be in prison a very long time. I have zero sympathy for any of them. If Republicans want to embrace traitors who rose up against the US government I can't wait until every last one of them is defeated in every upcoming election in Georgia and across this country. Sedition is not a joke and that's now what the GOP stands for. They were right to cancel their treason-celebrating event. They should move out of this country if they don't like how elections and voting works. You lose an election, you accept the loss, you don't try to overthrow the government. What a bunch of losers.


Today's GOP is disgusting.

Howard Peterson

Cancelling the event is a good thing. But I'm annoyed by something else. Duante Wright & George Floyd were both killed by police in Minneapolis. They received due justice. Ashli Babbit was killed by Capitol police in Washington DC but nobody gives a rip about this killing. Why is that? There's NO evidence she had a gun so when will that policeman stand trial?

richard plent

Why are you against the police and pro Antifa Howard?

Howard Peterson

I don't understand! Tell me EVERYTHING you know about the killing of Ashli Babbitt! She was killed by police just like George Floyd and Duante Wright so where's the justice? It can't be that the Democrats are holding anything back from the public?......Pro Antifa? Where did you get that idea???

richard plent

She was a terrorist trying to kill our leaders. Maybe you missed the gallows outside.

Howard Peterson

Did she have a gun? No. Did she deserve to be shot & killed? No. Does she deserve justice? Yes. Why is she not getting justice? Could it be that she was a Republican and it was perfectly OK to kill Republicans on1/6/21?

How would you feel if a lady in your life was shot & killed by a policeman and the DA, Sheriff or other law enforcement people just ignored it and turned the page to arrest someone for not stopping for a stop sign? TELL THE TRUTH! You would be plenty MAD and don't say you wouldn't be!

Dave Shelles

Cobb GOP couldn't even be bothered to get their own address right; the HQ is at 799 Roswell STREET, not 799 Roswell Road. Makes you wonder what else they've overlooked.

gee whiz

Being in the Mexi-mall directly across from Roswell STREET Baptist Church, you'd think if they know anything at all, they would know they're on Roswell Street. Just HOW dang stupid are these people?

richard plent

This is the same GOP crowd which held that anti Biden event on the Delk Bridge a few months ago under cover of prayer for lost soldiers. Led by Mr. Hill Wright who told people their event was totally about prayer but it turned out to be this GOP seditionist crowd using our fallen for their political gain.

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