Chairman Erick Allen & co. (copy)

From left, state Reps. Mary Frances Williams, D-Marietta, delegation secretary; Erick Allen, D-Smyrna, the chair of the Cobb County Legislative Delegation; and Teri Anulewicz, D-Smyrna, delegation vice chair, stand outside the state Capitol.

Cobb County’s Board of Commissioners and state legislators will meet next Friday for a tete-a-tete ahead of Georgia’s 2022 legislative session.

The board is expected to present its recently adopted legislative priorities during the event, which is scheduled for 9 a.m. at the Jim Miller Park event center.

The agenda’s top points are a series of general policy priorities, supporting legislation which funds transit, public health, housing, workforce development, and public safety. It also includes several specific items, including calls for the state to support the Cobb County Veterans Memorial and aid programs for victims of the Sept. 7 floods in east Cobb.

The adoption of the agenda earlier this month, however, was not without dispute. West Cobb Commissioner Keli Gambrill voted for the platform, but singled out for opposition a plank supporting “legislation that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

“Where I have a problem with diversity, equity, and inclusion is the board passed that paid time off using (federal COVID relief) funds only if you were vaccinated … Where is the equal treatment of our own county employees?” Gambrill told the MDJ, referring to a recent vaccine incentive for county workers.

Other priorities will include opposing House Bill 449, which county staff said would require Cobb to join the state’s 811 (“call before you dig”) program and cost the county over $300,000 per year. The county will also push to make cloud-based software an eligible expense for SPLOST revenues.


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(3) comments

Laura Armstrong

Interesting photo of just democrats. Perhaps somewhere in the article you might mention just how many republicans represent most of Cobb's population. And Ms. Gambrill is so right, discrimination is apparently the way the democrats are running this county, based on medical disinformation. Shame on those who make it their business to know others' private medical information. Slippery slope. Next, Ms. Cupid will discriminate against those with cancer or a history of heartburn, anything to persecute dissent. That's where the democrat party is today.

Debbie Fisher

Laura Armstrong, you are so right about it all. A large group of us opposed the unconstitutional paid time off discrimination resolution.

Bob Andrews

The Ga Dems have been screaming for Public comment across the State. Is this glorious meeting open for Public comment? Is the meeting open to the Public?

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