Asserting that measures to date have done little to stop the spread of the coronavirus in Cobb County, Chairman Mike Boyce said he intends to declare a state of emergency Tuesday. 

"We've done our best to try and have informal enforcement of these social distancing (measures)," Boyce said at a special-called meeting Tuesday morning. "And as we saw this weekend, it's simply not working ... everybody went out to the parks." 

Following in the steps of cities like Atlanta, Smyrna and Kennesaw, the county's declaration could shutter nonessential businesses and order county residents to shelter in place. Boyce said it would not include curfew, as Kennesaw's does.

A copy of a draft declaration prepared by county staff was not immediately available for review. 

Although Boyce, as county chairman, can make the decision unilaterally, he asked commissioners to email him their feedback after a special-called meeting Tuesday morning.

At the meeting, a public health official and infectious disease expert warned that county hospitals would soon be overwhelmed with cases without more extreme efforts to encourage social distancing, the only way to slow the spread of a virus for which no vaccine or antiviral drug currently exists. 

Return for updates. 

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(10) comments

Debbie Fisher

The precautions our Governor put in place yesterday should have been given a chance to work prior to taking this drastic measure that more than likely will put 100's out of work and businesses out of business. This order grants the Chairman far to great of powers and based on his history of out of control spending we all may need to hold on to our wallets.

Johanna Williams

We can trust President Trump.

We can trust Governor Kemp.

I do not trust Tax Hike Mike, although I will say I was shocked this past weekend, when I drove past Mud Creek Soccer Complex. There were hundreds of people in very close contact with each other, carrying on in a party-like festive gathering.

Larry Haber

Here is your guy: Still wondering why our political climate is what it is?

Mike Nelson

Don’t make Boyce mad, he doesn’t like to be questioned. His way or the highway.

Kyle Tripp

Following this headline, "Cobb County rises to 86 virus cases", Cobb will declare a state of emergency out of fear the hospitals will be overrun soon??? Seriously? Already at capacity due to the staggering number, 86 cases, of corona victims?

The farce continues.

Auburn isbetterthanUGA

Boyce needs to go. This will have a major economic impact and possibly unnecessarily. Really glad Truist Park is paying for itself right now.

Phred LeChat

So... where’s Boyce? Getting a massage?

Make the declaration or don’t. Quit playing people like you do with fear monger it library closings. Try Leading for once.

Heather Stewart

I think we all need to trust what the medical community is recommending. Did anyone commenting even watch the meeting today? I commend Mike Boyce for listening. No one wanted this, but it is here and I think everyone is doing the best we can in the unknown. I doubt anyone with a negative comment is in the hospital on the front lines. Just many unnecessary lives lost would change your mind? Let’s not judge in these times and instead listen to those out there who are on the front lines trying with everything they can to help each sick person. If they say this is what’s needed, who are any of us to argue?

Phred LeChat

I’m all for a shutdown.

My gripe is Boyce pussyfooting around.

Sht or get off the pot.

Grant Gilman

“Unnecessary lives lost”

None of this changes the number of lives lost or people infected. It only lessens the immediate impact. And what about the long term impact of people losing their jobs, businesses closing, positions being eliminated, resource chains being upended or severed completely? If experts in those areas were put up at that meeting today telling us that is what is needed, would you still say “who are any of us to argue?”

Argue we should, and judge we will. The common phrase “judge not, lest ye be judged” is impractical and immoral in a society of individuals. A better phrase would be “judge, and prepare to be judged.” We should not surrender our rights just because those currently elected deem it pragmatic. That is a dangerous path you are advocating for in such a casual manner.

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