The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved booster doses of COVID-19 vaccine for all Americans age 18 and older last week.

The CDC says people who received Pfizer or Moderna vaccines “should” get a booster dose if they are 50 or older, or if they are 18 or older and live in a long-term care setting. All other adults who received one of those vaccines “may” get a booster, the CDC says.

People who received Pfizer or Moderna should wait at least six months before getting a booster, the CDC advises.

For people who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the CDC recommends a booster for all adults. Johnson & Johnson recipients should wait at least 2 months before a booster, the CDC says.

In Georgia, just 51% of people are fully vaccinated, according to the state Department of Public Health. The rate is higher in Cobb, at 56%. Nationwide, the CDC estimates 59.2% of people are fully vaccinated.

Here’s a look at Cobb County and state COVID-19 numbers reported Monday, and how they compare to Friday. All information comes from the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Cobb County’s COVID-19 Numbers for Monday

Category 11/22/21 Change
Cases 86,247 +205
Hospitalizations 4,227 +24
Deaths 1,308 +5

Georgia’s COVID-19 Numbers for Monday

Category 11/22/21 Change
Cases 1,279,849 +1,910
Hospitalizations 88,802 +228
Deaths 25,591 +45

A Cobb-Douglas Public Health report, including data on how the coronavirus is affecting different ZIP codes, genders and ages, is available at

For the Georgia DPH’s full report, visit

National data can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website at


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