ACWORTH — Acworth’s Board of Aldermen will not consider at its Feb. 7 meeting a proposed annexation and rezoning of the 22-acre Lakepoint Campgrounds along Cobb Parkway following the county’s objection to both actions.

The county contends that the only unobjectionable zoning for the property, which borders U.S. Corps of Engineers property near Lake Allatoona, would be for public parks and facilities. But Acworth officials argue the residential zoning sought by the property owner would be a usage no more intense than the campground there now.

Property owner Jon Lawson is requesting to rezone the property at 5134 North Shores Road — just west of Lake Allatoona and southeast of Highway 92 and Dallas Acworth Highway — as residential. The campground business would remain as is with no changes in the foreseeable future.

But the property is zoned by the county under tourist services and residential classifications and is within an area identified as parks/recreation/conservation on the county’s future land use map.

The current zoning is one basis for Cobb’s objection to the annexation and rezoning, which four of five commissioners voted to approve at their Jan. 22 meeting; only Commission Bob Ott did not vote as he was not present.

But Acworth City Manager Brian Bulthuis contends that property’s current county designations do not fit.

“I’m not going to zone private property a public park. I’d be essentially doing a taking,” Bulthuis said Wednesday.

No site plan exists for the future development of the campgrounds, Bulthuis said, but Lawson is eventually envisioning a residential development with 12,000-square-foot lots and greater.

As a campground, the property has 130 spots for trailers and RVs, with somewhere between 60 to 70 now occupied, Bulthuis said, many by renters who have taken up near-permanent residence on the grounds. 

“The consensus from neighbors (from neighborhoods abutting the campgrounds) is that they want to see this redeveloped into something that is more complimentary to their property,” said Christine Dobbs, Acworth’s community development director.

The property is in the district of county Commissioner Keli Gambrill, who said she favored the county’s position on the grounds that the property owner didn’t follow the county’s procedure.

“I agreed with the objection based on the facts that documentation that was required for annexation was not provided by the applicant or the city and the proposed city zoning/future land use was not compatible under the House Bill 489 intergovernmental agreement (between Cobb and the city of Acworth),” Gambrill said.

With the county maintaining its objection, Bulthuis said the city will not take any action on the property Thursday nor discuss the matter — only tabling it.

“I’ve been in touch with the county, and we’re going to see I guess if they want to have a meeting to discuss it,” he said. “If not, we’ve received notifications from (the Department of Community Affairs) that they have formally objected, so then it would go through a mediation process.”

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