Chalktoberfest, a gathering of artists from all over the world to chalk the streets of Marietta with hyper-detailed works, returned to the Square this weekend, and organizers say it could be the biggest turnout yet.

The festival, which began in 2013 as a fundraiser for the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, has grown through its eight years to attract more than 100,000 people looking to enjoy beer, food, snacks, retail booths, amateur art competitions, live music, and, this time, beautiful weather.

After a year's hiatus because of the pandemic, Sally Macaulay, executive director of the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art, said she "could not be happier" with how Chalktoberfest 2021 turned out.

"It's the biggest crowd I think I've seen. Huge," Macauly said as she was still working on Sunday. "The weather could not have been any better, we sold out of the beer festival tickets the first day, so it was awesome. And the art is the best art I think I've had up here in all the years I've done it."

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Ann DG

Chalkfest never disappoints. The talent is incredible. The parking is a different situation. Shame on the City of Marietta for charging $10 for parking at every lot. We have the money, but refuse to pay that based on principle. We will walk the extra bit just not to give you that money. Ridiculous

gee whiz

Dear Kare-Ann, eh, that's pretty much it. Kar Karen.

Marietta Planning

Hi, the City doesn't charge for parking - the City deck is free. Those are privately owned lots or lots owned by the County. The city never charges parking for events.

Byron Golden

It was enjoyable but there did seem to be fewer works this year.

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