Marietta police were called about a wreck at the intersection of Atlanta Road and South Marietta Parkway around 7 a.m. Tuesday.

“So our officers responded assuming they were going to an accident with injuries,” Officer Chuck McPhilamy said, “not someone armed with a bow and arrow.”

Rather than accept help, the man who had been driving the car, Canton’s Trent Andrew Emory, 29, pointed a bow and arrow at the officers, McPhilamy said, and was shot “at least one time” by “at least one Marietta officer.”

A 20-minute negotiation ensued, in which officers tried to get Emory safely into custody, McPhilamy said. They did, and he was taken to the hospital “conscious, alert and breathing.”

Emory is in stable condition, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating the incident, as it does all officer-involved shootings.

Earlier Tuesday, Emory carjacked a woman at 1438 Peachtree Street in Atlanta, according to the GBI. The car in Marietta’s Tuesday morning standoff was the very same one Emory had taken from the woman, McPhilamy said.

In addition to Emory’s shooting, the GBI is investigating the Tuesday morning carjacking. Once its investigation is complete, case files will be turned over to the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office, according to the bureau.


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(4) comments

Mike Nelson

Finally some good news carjacker shot ! Great job marietta Pd.

gee whiz

How did he get from Atlanta to Marietta without a dispatch alerting Cobb Co. public safety units?

Mike Nelson

Atlanta is sharing their crime with everyone. Big surprise.

gee whiz

The story reads that he had carjacked somebody earlier. Story did not say there was any pursuit by any police in any jurisdiction. Better question might be why the tag didn't report as stolen when it entered City of Marietta, but maybe it was the car's real tag was not on anymore.

Given the lack of pursing police, given that head on crash into a giant cement wall from a straight roadway, and given pointing a crossbow at polices, this incident sounds like the story of a man trying to kill himself rather than one of Atlanta "sharing their crime"

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