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A Cobb substitute teacher has been fired after school district officials say the substitute was found to have classified students as “angels” or “devils,” according to Nan Kiel, a district spokesperson.

The Awtrey Middle School substitute, whom the district did not name, was fired when administrators discovered they had “composed two lists, one titled ‘angels’ and the other titled ‘devils,’” Kiel said.

Despite what was circulated on social media, she added, the lists were not based on race, as the names of black and white students appeared in both columns.

“The district doesn’t tolerate any adult we employ making comments which are disrespectful in any way,” Kiel said.

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Oh now come on. I can assure you that most people would refer to many of those brats with much harsher language than that. Stop with the hypersensitive mess. WAY overblown.

Johanna Williams

We have become a nation of liberal wimps, who hide in our safe areas and are offended by everything.

I am transgendered, and sometimes people call me not so nice names. I laugh it off and enjoy my day. Grow up people. Harmless names for school kids, so what?

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