An Austell woman is facing 19 misdemeanor charges after police say they found her illegally in possession of almost 500 pills of “dangerous” prescription drugs used for all sorts of medical conditions including irritable bowel syndrome, gout, tuberculosis, hives, high blood pressure, nausea and overactive bladder.

Melissa Mae Kimmons, 49, was arrested by Cobb police just after midnight on Aug. 20 at 620 Lions Club Drive in Mableton, where the South Cobb Community Center and Lions Park are located, jail records show.

Police said Kimmons had a total of 467 pills of 11 different kinds of prescription drugs belonging to a man listed as an emergency specialist doctor in Smyrna.

The arrest warrant doesn’t state how Kimmons got the drugs, just that she had them in her possession for sale or distribution.

Officers said she had the following pills:

♦ 26 Dicyclomine (20mg), for irritable bowel syndrome

♦ 95 Sucralfate (1gm), for ulcers

♦ 71 Diltiazem (120mg), for high blood pressure and chest pain

♦ 45 Isoniazid (300mg), for preventing Tuberculosis

♦ 75 Amlodipine Besylate (5mg & 10mg), for high blood pressure

♦ 60 Labetalol HCL (100mg & 200mg), for high blood pressure

♦ 27 Oxybutynin (5mg), for overactive bladder

♦ 20 Colcrys (0.6mg), for gout

♦ 6 Ondansetron HCL (4mg), for preventing nausea and vomiting

♦ 22 Hydroxyzine Pam (50mg), for nausea, allergies and skin rashes

♦ 20 Indomethacin (50mg), for premature babies with heart disorders

Kimmons faces 18 counts of sale, distribution or possession of a dangerous drug, as well as one count of loitering in relation to being found at Lions Club Park just after midnight, “a time where no persons should be at this location,” her arrest warrant states.

She remains in custody subject to a $10,000 bond, jail records show.


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