Austell Mayor Ollie Clemons has spent $13,000 on his campaign to be publicly elected for the first time to the mayoralty on election night Tuesday.

Clemons, first elected to the Austell City Council in 2013, was the mayor pro tem when he was sworn in as acting mayor on July 1, when longtime mayor Joe Jerkins stepped down for health reasons.

Clemons, who is serving the remainder of Jerkins’ term through the end of December, is one of four candidates in this election vying for the mayor’s seat.

Tuesday’s election will mark a significant change for Austell no matter the outcome, as Jerkins was in power for three decades.

Competing against Clemons is business owner Ikaika Anderson, management consultant Cindy Thompson and general contractor Chris Djonis — all newcomers to the city government.

A 15-year Austell resident, Clemons was the only candidate to file a campaign financial report in the most recent reporting period, according to the Austell city clerk Friday.

Clemons’ report, dated Oct. 31, shows he started the month with almost $10,000 in leftover funds from the previous campaign period.

Clemons received around $3,600 in new donations the past month, bringing his total campaign contributions to $13,465.

He received $2,000 from The Barnes Law Group, $500 from Atlanta construction company H.J. Russell & Co., and $300 from Bestway Tax and Accounting Services in Austell, his latest financial report shows.

Clemons hasn’t taken out any loans and his campaign has no debt or investments, records show.

He spent $4,641 on his campaign in October, bringing total spending to $13,000.

In his last weeks of campaigning, Clemons spent $2,392 on brochures, $1,845 on letters and postage, and $404 on T-shirts.

He finished October with $463 on hand and just five days of campaigning left.


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