Brittany Hamilton of Kennesaw snapped a photo of a roll of armadillos next to Barrett Parkway.

While most associate the armadillo with places such as Austin, Texas, more of the armour-plated mammals are calling Cobb County home.

Kennesaw resident Brittany Hamilton was out for a walk with one of her dogs on the evening of Father’s Day when the duo came across a family of armadillos in the grass along the sidewalk next to Barrett Parkway close to Old 41. Hamilton photographed the sighting.

Although armadillos aren’t spotted frequently in Cobb, their population is on the rise. Field Operations Manager Seanna Abbott of Cobb County Animal Services said her unit is seeing a definite increase in encounters, especially in the last two or three years.

Abbott advises if you come up on a “roll” of armadillos, do not engage. When threatened their response is to roll into a protective ball. Still, the animals have sharp teeth and long claws used for digging. Best if left to themselves.


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