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Christopher, Marsha and Erin Edwards.

Cobb County doctor Marsha Edwards shot both of her adult children multiple times before shooting herself once in the chest, police and autopsy reports reveal.

Edwards, 58, killed her children Erin Edwards, 20, and Christopher Edwards, 24, before killing herself in the family’s Vinings-area town home in August, police said.

Their three bodies were found in the home, in the gated Vinings Parc East complex, on the evening of Aug. 21 by Cobb police, who were responding to a 911 call requesting a welfare check at the property.

Autopsy reports for Marsha Edwards and her children were released by the Cobb County Medical Examiner’s Office on Wednesday.

Christopher Edwards, a digital content manager in the Atlanta mayor’s office, was shot six times in the back, arms, abdomen and head, his autopsy report stated, adding that his body was found in his bed.

Erin Edwards, a Boston University student, was shot three times in the chest, back and left arm, as confirmed by the medical examiner.

She was found in the same room as her mother, on a different level of the home to where her brother lay in his bedroom.

Marsha Edwards, a doctor with her own business, shot herself once in the chest, her autopsy report stated, listing cause of death as suicide.

“Investigation shows no evidence of a fourth party being involved in the three deaths at this residence,” Marsha Edwards’ autopsy report stated. “Police investigation indicates that this decedent sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

Her children’s autopsy reports don’t reveal who was shot first, or when, simply stating cause of death as homicide by multiple gunshot wounds.

The call to 911 seeking a welfare check on the town home was reportedly from Edwards’ ex-husband, Dr. Christopher Edwards, the children’s father.


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