Acworth candidate questions:

1. Cobb BoC Chairman Mike Boyce plans to have a 2022 referendum for voters to decide on a partial or full one-cent sales tax for transit and/or transportation. Would you vote to increase Cobb sales taxes to fund transit or transportation projects?

2. Cobb is becoming more developed. Is there still a need for the county to provide development incentives to attract economic growth?

3. New housing for millennials has been touted by Acworth's existing mayor as an important addition to the city to boost its population. Do you agree?

Board of Aldermen Post 1 candidates:

Name: Albert "Butch" Price (Incumbent)

Age: Senior

Occupation: Retired educator

Family: Spouse (deceased) and three grown children

Residence: Collins Circle in Acworth

Education: B.S. from Livingston State College; Masters of Education - West Georgia College; Education Specialist - University of Georgia

Campaign website: None

Campaign email:

1. I don’t know. Unfortunately, Acworth currently has very limited transportation options. I look forward to seeing the Cobb Transportation study to see how it would affect our community. Certainly, I am for better mobility options for all our residents.

2. I don’t know. Unfortunately, for the state of Georgia, Cobb County or Acworth, there is competition for good paying, high-quality jobs. Currently, this is on a global scale and not just on a state or local scale. Incentives may become necessary and any local government must be willing to at least look into and consider them.

3. I don’t know. Acworth’s goal is to develop quality housing for each demographic and age group, whether that be workforce, millennial, senior or assisted care housing.

Name: Crystal Bailey Williams

Age: 51

Occupation: System support administrator

Family: Married; two millennium children

Residence: Lake Park subdivision

Education: Bachelor of Science in management

Campaign website:

1. Yes, ONLY if allocations are set aside for the municipalities to feed into the COBB transit and other regional lines. Is small in footprint and citizens needs fix a transit system that covers the KEY economic and housing areas that rolls into a regional hub.

2. Yes, the county needs a continuously plan to develop incentives to attract economic growth potential in each municipal area. Acworth, can capitalize on the internal economic growth that will create jobs in sustainability sectors and re-tool the growth in this sector that benefits the environment and creates NEW jobs.

3. Yes, Acworth in the last few years has grown the senior community three-folds. Acworth, will need to increase new housing for millennials and match the city of Atlanta and other surrounding communities with a work, live, and entertainment footprint. Acworth is the perfect area to support housing for millennial to take advantages of the growth at Kennesaw State, the Peach Pass lanes, and the bedrock community of metro Atlanta including a upward surge in entertainment.

Board of Aldermen Post 2 candidates:

Name: Gene Pugliese (Incumbent)

Age: 58

Occupation: General contractor

Family: Spouse: Billie Jo; Children: Aisling, Gabriel

Residence: N. Main Street, Acworth

Education: BS Architectural Engineering, Southern Poly

Campaign website: None

Campaign email: None

1. I don’t know. Will depend on outcome of next SPLOST and proposed projects included.

2. Yes. Cobb still has many vacant properties/buildings that need to be redeveloped.

3. Yes. A young/vibrant workforce is vital to our economy and quality of life.

Board of Aldermen Post 3 candidates:

Name: Brett North (Incumbent)

Age: 60

Occupation: Business Manager – Life University

Family: Wife, Ann, married 40 years – no children

Residence: Lake Acworth Village, Acworth

Education: High school

Campaign website:

Campaign email:

1. I don’t know – this is not a vote that I would make as a city alderman, but rather as a private citizen. I would need more information on the transit/transportation plan and how the revenue would be spent before I could decide.

2. I don’t know – it would depend on the individual case/circumstances. There are some situations where development incentives make sense. Situations in the county could be different than those of the city. For the most part, I am not a proponent of these incentives.

3. Yes - Housing that meets the needs of a diverse community encourages people to move into the city and fosters the diversity. Acworth has one of the highest home ownership rates per capita in the state. Indicating our leadership team’s success in controlling development that ensures affordable housing with a variety of choices is the type/kind that buyers want.

Name: Salome Sadera

Age: 50

Occupation: Nurse/adjunct instructor

Family: Married with three children 21, 17, and 4

Residence: Noah Drive, Acworth

Education: LPN, Bachelor's and Master's in health care administration

Campaign website: N/A

Campaign email:

1. No. There is no need to increase Cobb sales taxes to fund transit or transportation projects. The voters are paying enough taxes for now. Instead, we should employ private bus transportation services which are affordable, safe and reliable for our voters.

2. No. There is no need for the county to offer incentives to attract economic growth. The county needs to use that money to educate voters on the way to promote economic growth. 

3. Yes, we need millennial housing. However, not new housing. Incentives should be offered to developers to renovate or upgrade the existing building to suit millennials' needs. Moreover, urban sprawl is affecting the environment such as the water filter land, food chain food web in the ecosystem. More trees are going to be cut down to construct new housing and as a result, affect the clean air.

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