The Cobb School District's accreditation company sent the district a copy of its special review report on Monday, a company spokeswoman has confirmed. 

Cognia, the district's accreditor, completed the report after a "special review" it conducted this summer. The Journal received Thursday the following statement from Mark Elgart, the company's chief executive officer: 

“The Special Review Report for Cobb County provides areas for improvement as an accredited school system. Cognia remains committed to supporting Cobb County Schools as they address the improvement priorities in the report.”

The Journal reported Wednesday the district had received a copy of the report and would release it "soon." The Cobb Board of Education is scheduled to meet at 3 p.m. and at 7 p.m., but a discussion of the report is not on the agenda.  

Cognia announced its special review earlier this year after receiving a letter from the three Democrats on the school board asking for Cognia’s “professional expertise in ensuring that the Cobb Board of Education is upholding its duties as a governing body,” as well as complaints from 50 members of the district staff and community, many of them unhappy with partisan rancor on the board.

“We’re here to help them improve,” Elgart told the Journal in an interview this spring. “We’re not here to penalize them.”


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(2) comments

Mike Nelson

If the parents want to help the Cobb school system get rid of the 3 democratic members who have accomplished nothing but turmoil .

Robert Cook

How about we just get politics out of our kids’ education? We are one American community and should start acting like it again.

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